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Dear NCS family,

It was a year ago and, despite the gravity of the situation, I cannot help but to chuckle when I think of it.  As they do annually, our student council had just selected the spiritual emphasis theme for the 2019/2020 school year.  They had chosen a single word and I made them show it to me in the dictionary before I believed it was real.  " Alacrity", patiently explained student body president Tova Connor to her thick-headed superintendent, " means 'cheerful preparedness'.  It means that God is preparing us for whatever is ahead and we can move forward in confidence and joy."

Little did we realize at the time that there was a locomotive engine carrying a full-load of rail cars heaped high with tumult and chaos barreling down the railway right at us.  We had no way of knowing that the month of March was too steep a turn for those overflowing rail cars and how the resulting derailment would spill  pandemic, riots, political polarity, and cultural upheaval all over the lives of our students.  We had no idea.  But, God knew.  I am not sure there is a more applicable description for our God than the wise turn-of-phrase of Ralphie's dad from the profoundly unspiritual 1983 film, "A Christmas Story":  "He knows.  He always knows."

About a month later, I found myself in a meeting with our Spiritual Formation Coordinator, Chris Gardiner, and our freshman Bible teacher, Nicole Hunter.  We were discussing the "Crusaders Charge into Summer Reading" theme for the summer of 2020.  It was still months out but it takes that long to coordinate the special guests, the videos, etc.  Having listened closely to the sorts of questions that our students were asking even at that time, at their urging, we settled upon "Kingdom Culture" as our theme and we resolved that we would use the summer video series and the readings to lead our students through the issues and ingredients bubbling up within the cultural stew and help provide our students with perspective from scripture.  We would ask the question, "How do we speak to these issues if our prayer is truly, 'God, thy Kingdom come'?"  At that point, as though we were randomly selecting items from some cultural menu of the conundrums of civilization, we chose the sanctity of life, race and racism, and gender and sexuality.  Now months later, with these very issues inciting everything from Supreme Court decisions to riots, yet again, clearly He knew.

If you have not yet had the chance to view any of these weekly videos with your family, please take some time to do so.  As you do, remember that, according to I Corinthians 8:1, "knowledge puffs up but love builds up".  Set aside the temptation befalling so many of us right now--to articulate polarizing positions simply because 'we're right'--and take time as sheep following our Shepherd (Pslam 100:3) to approach His word humbly and with open hearts (Deuteronomy 32:47) and, above all, to follow His penultimate desire for us as we aspire to be His disciples:  "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another:  just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.  By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another."  (John 13:34-35)

As I look to the school year ahead, knowing that although I don't know what it holds and He does, this is my prayer:  that we would be known for listening when we need to listen, to speak when we need to speak, and, above all, to love one another just as He loved us.

Grateful for the opportunity to serve this school and your family,
Geoff Brown
Northwest Christian School
(623)225-5573 (cell)

Northwest Christian Celebrates Commencement for the Historic Class of 2020 and Eighth Grade Promotion for the Class of 2024

The Classes of 2020 and 2024 overcome obstacles to celebrate community and accomplishment

On Monday, June 22nd, a full month after it was originally scheduled, the Northwest Christian High School Class of 2020 celebrated commencement at the Arizona Federal Theatre in downtown Phoenix.  The evening included virtual performances by the NCS choirs and band as well as inspiring videos from Arizona Senator Martha McSally, the Christian rapper Lecrae, Grand Canyon University president Brian Mueller, and Arizona Christian president Len Munsil.  The commencement's moving challenge to the graduates was delivered by Pastor Mark Driscoll from The Trinity Church.

Arizona Federal Theatre, with seating for five-thousand, was the perfect venue for graduation as that it allowed ample room for adequate social distancing.  Based on guidance from the Governor's office and the Maricopa County Department of Public Health, each graduate's family was afforded six tickets.  Seats were spread throughout the venue.  At the same time, the event was live streamed via Facebook so that all could watch and enjoy the evening.

The evening also allowed the school to celebrate outgoing high school principal Josh Schlesinger and the school's new high school principal Jeff Parsons.  Following nine years of stellar service to the school, school board president Mike Trueblood was on hand to congratulate Mr. Schlesinger.  Jeff Parsons, who has previously served as the Northwest Christian secondary director of curriculum and instruction, was also congratulated by Mr. Trueblood as he moves into his new role.

"I was thrilled that this came together," said Mr. Parsons.  "The class will forever be remembered not just for the historic context in which they graduated, but for the years of leadership, tenacity, and inspiration that they contributed to our community.  I am incredibly excited to see where God takes each of these young men and women."

You can watch the video for the commencement ceremony below.

The class of 2024 also saw a Covid-curveball thrown at their eight grade promotion celebration.  Although they were able to celebrate with the Crusader-traditional "Last Blast" party, the recent Arizona ratio stipulations on crowd-size to venue-size meant that their promotion celebration needed to be virtual.  Said middle school principal Samantha Maszton of the event, "We were so disappointed that this was not a traditional promotion.  But, in spite of that, we watched as something very special happened.  This group of parents, teachers, and students rallied together.  Due to their personal resolve and unity, they produced memories that I believe will ultimately be even more impactful."

You can watch the video for the eighth grade promotion below.

Spotlight on Graduates

Northwest Christian School was excited to include a special video message from Senator Martha McSally within the commencement celebration ceremony for the class of 2020 which took place on Monday, June 22nd at Arizona Federal Theatre.  Senator McSally has served as the junior United States Senator for Arizona since 2019.  She also served as the U.S. Representative for Arizona's 2nd congressional district from 2015 to 2019 and served in the United States Air Force from 1988 to 2010, achieving the rank of Colonel. She became the first U.S. woman to fly in combat and the first to command a fighter squadron.
Spotlight on Students

On Monday, June 1st, LIVE on Facebook, Northwest Christian was thr illed to present "Crusader's Got Talent", our own take on "America's Got Talent", in which we premiered s pecial song and dance performances featuring Northwest
Christian  faculty and staff, t he world premiere of "Waymaker" by the  Crusader Community Choir, t he debut of "Tu Ungane" by the Crusader Unified Virtual Band, announcements regarding the winners of this spring's student art, photography, and 'Snazzy Snacks' competitions, as well as a talent contest featuring Northwest Christian secondary students.  Over 4,000 have viewed the video...check it out above!
Spotlight on Graduates

Class of 2020 graduates and their families were surprised when a virtual guest was part of the program for their June 22nd commencement celebration.  Lecrae, a schoolwide favorite, contributed a powerful message of encouragement.  Lecrae is a Christian hip hop recording artist, songwriter, music executive, and actor.  He is the president, co-owner and co-founder of the independent record label Reach Records. To date, he has released nine studio albums and three mixtapes as a solo artist, and has released three studio albums, a remix album, one EP, and numerous singles as the leader of the hip hop group 116 Clique.

Northwest Christian Announces New Digital Dimensions Which Means Crusader Families Will Have Choices in 2020/2021

This Fall, your family is in control of the decisions that will impact learning and safety

As part of an effort spanning two years, working with Grand Canyon University and others with expertise within digital learning support, this fall and next, Northwest Christian School is launching several new programs that will enhance student learning at all levels, all locations, and in all situations. Ultimately, these programs will support and facilitate learning for students within the contexts that the school's families feel are safest for their unique needs and each individual student.

Traditional on-the-ground classroom learning for all grades.  With some adjustments to account for the recommendations from the Maricopa Country Department of Public Health, the office of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, and the Arizona Department of Education, Northwest Christian School fully expects to return to the customary classroom context in August.   Some initial modifications to programs will ultimately be phased out, but families should expect a student's experience to be safe and customary.

NCS Plus...a new forum to support on-the-ground learning.   Starting this fall, every NCS student and every family will enjoy an added dimension within their on-the-ground classrooms: NCS Plus. Facilitated by a learning management system called Canvas, which is produced by Instructure, NCS Plus will be a classroom complement at all grade levels--from kindergarten through high school--that captures key elements of the on-the-ground classroom experience. Although direct instruction within on-the-ground classrooms will not change, NCS Plus will support the "flipped classroom" model of learning wherein students can revisit key concepts presented within class when away from the classroom. Beyond this, NCS Plus will better support students that are absent. Or, if we experience a viral resurgence at some point in the coming year with mandated school closure, NCS Plus will replace the Google Classroom system used this spring to provide a more robust student learning experience.  Additionally, while school will resume on August 5th, if a family wishes to keep their student home for a period of time for whatever reason, NCS Plus will support that student's continued learning, concurrent with what is happening in the classroom. This will mean that when that student is ready to return, they can do so with no disruption to academic progress.

Northwest Christian School Online.  Beginning this fall, NCS is launching Northwest Christian School Online for the elementary grades. Then, in the fall of 2021, Northwest Christian School Online will launch for all secondary grades as well. NCS Online is a wholly separate, asynchronous learning experience for students who live away from Phoenix or who find the online classroom a more conducive learning opportunity than the traditional on-the- ground experience. For kindergarten through 8th grade, NCS Online will utilize Canvas as its learning management system. Within the high school, starting in August 2021, Northwest Christian School Online will be utilizing Grand Canyon University's LoudCloud learning management system. The NCS Online experience will be different: different pacing, different teachers, and different opportunities. Over the next few days and weeks, our families can look forward to some exciting announcements regarding new partnerships--what we are calling "Distinctive Diplomas"--that represent new and enhanced learning opportunities with a growing number of universities like Grand Canyon University and Arizona Christian University. These partnerships will provide for an online and on-the-ground learning experience unlike any online or on-the-ground high school in the country.

Northwest Christian Biblical Worldview Institute.  As part of NCS Online, both our on-the-ground and online students will enjoy an expanded number of online classes centered around exploring Christian worldview in a number of contexts. We are presently working with Grand Canyon University, Arizona Christian University, and prominent pastors, authors, and experts in diverse fields to develop these courses. These courses will be the foundation upon which the new "Distinctive Diploma" program is built as well as the university partnerships. Though it is a bit too soon to announce all of these courses just yet, we look forward to doing so as we move towards the fall.

A new Student Information System. To facilitate all of these added digital dimensions to the school, we are moving towards Blackbaud as our new student information system for all grades beginning in August. Under a single virtual umbrella, students and parents will find Blackbaud to be a more robust and seamless system of communication than we have enjoyed previously.
Spotlight on Graduates

In that many Northwest Christian grads have their sights set on Grand Canyon University, the class of 2020 was excited to see GCU president Brian Mueller's special video message.  He is the current president of Grand Canyon University and CEO of Grand Canyon Education.  Mueller served his country as a Staff Sergent during operation Desert Storm and has been the President of the university since July 1, 2008.
Spotlight on Graduates

The Northwest Christian School relationship with Arizona Christian University is vital and growing!  Serving as testament to the strength of that partnership as well as recognition of the fact that many NCS grads follow their academic, athletic, artistic, and spiritual trajectory through ACU, class of 2020 grads were excited to see ACU president Len Munsil's surprise contribution to their graduation ceremony.   Munsil was the Arizona Republican Party nominee for Governor of Arizona in the 2006 gubernatorial election, coming from behind to upset Don Goldwater in the Republican primary in his first run for any elective office.  In 2016, he served as a delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, and a member of the GOP Platform Committee.   Munsil was also the founding president for the Center for Arizona Policy, serving from 1996 to 2005. On November 17, 2011 he was announced as the permanent president of Arizona Christian University.
Spotlight on Heroes
"Hoopin' for Humes" is a 3-on-3 basketball tournament open to all ages.
Proceeds will go to the family of Lee Humes, founder of Deep Within Ministry.
August 8, 2020
Don Sanderson Gymnasium
on the campus of Northwest Christian School

Spotlight on NXNW Student Films

Now showing!  The RightNow Media NCS landing page now includes the two latest NXNW student films from Cabin Fever Films and Northwest Christian School.  Log in and enjoy "The Rise and Fall of Death Chicken", a mockumentary about the great band that never was, and this year's intense film, "Scapegoat".
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