Note from The Principal 
Dear RSPA-NW Families,
Each year, the month of November symbolizes a change of season. While we have all have noticed the recent weather changes, the academic expectations here, at RSPA-NW, have remained constant. 
To support of our scholars' academic endeavors, we have also made some enhancements to the building. In the interest of safety, we have installed an entrance security system. At the main doors, you will now find a doorbell, a camera, as well as our new capability to unlock the door from the secretary's desk.
While promoting a safe and positive learning environment, we are not only considering the physical components of safety, but also the emotional aspects.
Our staff and scholars understand that the most important feature of learning is growth. As we all know, growing is not always a pleasant activity. Sometimes it is unwanted, uncomfortable or even painful. Self-reflection and difficult decision-making are also a part of growth. Still, the process always results in improvement.
This year, RSPA-NW has adopted a growth mindset model and share this belief with our scholars, daily. Essentially, growth mindset maintains that our most basic talents can be developed. More specifically, scholars can learn more and become smarter if they work hard and persevere. If a child was once a slow reader, he or she doesn't have to remain that way. We encourage scholars to: ask questions; make mistakes; understand why their strategy was incorrect; and TRY AGAIN. Giving up is never an option. Everyone can grow.
This is how you can support our efforts:
  • Please use lots of positive and encouraging words with your children. Help them understand the promise you see as well as your belief in their ability to become a better version of themselves. Each morning, we share affirmations with our scholars. We tell them that they are intelligent, amazing beings...and some of them are beginning to believe it!
  • Bring your scholars to school each day. When scholars are not present, they cannot learn from our teachers. If they are late, please sign in with the office. If your child arrives after 9:45am, you must provide a doctor's note.
  • If your child has been absent from school, please document the excuse and submit it to the office. Excuse notes will not be accepted after the third (3rd) day of the scholar's return.
  • A photo ID is required for all parents and visitors who are responsible for signing scholars in and out of campus.
Thank you for all you do and for entrusting your child's schooling to us.  We appreciate your investment, involvement and support.

Dr. Tammi Mitchell

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Campus Information
Text "@TRSLW" to 81010

Route1: Text "LWRoute1" to 81010

Campus Personnel 

Principal: Dr. Tammi Mitchell
Secretary: Mrs. Edwena Windham
Registrar: Ms. VicToria Fisher
Counselor: Mrs. Kerite Hughes
Important Dates
  • November 1: Science Fair Family Night (6:00pm - 7:30pm)
  • November 12: The Ned Show 
  • November 12-16: Anit-Bullying Week
  • November 15: Too Cute Thursday - Dress Out Fundraiser ($2.00)
  • November 16: Sock Hop/Dance (Behavior Incentive)
  • November 19-23: Thanksgiving Break
  • November 27: Knighting Ceremony (2:45pm)

Learning Labs

November 8, 2018
Dinosaurs Rock
1st - 2nd
November 14, 2018
Eddie V. Gray Wetlands Center
3rd - 5th
November 6, 2018
Arboretum (make-up)
3rd - 5th
November 27, 2018
Museum of Natural Science

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