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4/11/16 (4:30pm)
Finance Committee
Committee Room

4/11/16 (6:00pm)
Public Safety Committee
 Committee Room

4/12/16 (4:30pm)
CD/H/GG Committee 
Committee Room

4/12/16 (6:00pm)
Public Works Committee
Committee Room

4/18/16 (7:00pm)
City Council
Council Chamber

4/21/16 (11:30am-2:00pm)
11th Annual Housing Professionals Summit 2016
Convention Center

4/21/16 (6:00pm)
Miller Park Public Input Meeting
Miller Park Rec. Center

4/28/16 (6:00pm)
Outstanding Women Leaders Program
Historic Brookstown Inn

April 11th 2016

Welcome back to the Northwest Ward Newsletter. We are heading into a very busy spring with multiple festivals and events crowding the calendar. I have tried to highlight some here but please go to the Arts Council, DWSP,  and Innovation Quarter websites to get more information. 

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Jeff MacIntosh 

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Winston-Salem: What You Need to Know
High Standards for 
Winston-Salem Water

When the reports started coming out of Flint Michigan about the massive problems with their water supply we on Council started asking questions of staff to see how safe our drinking water is. In a word: VERY. Ron Hargrove of the City/County Utilities Division provided a very informative report at the Public Works Committee meeting on March 22nd detailing what we do to safeguard our water supply and why we don't have the same issues as Flint. If you would like to have a digital copy of the PowerPoint Ron is working from please let me know and I will be glad to provide it.

Twin City Spring Festivals

Winston is a hub for art and innovation, in part because of the events and festivals make their home here. The packed lineup for April and May will have a positive impact on local businesses and make our city an attractive place for young, talented people. I hope you are able to come out and experience a few of these events that contribute to the culture of Winston-Salem!

Keeping Neighborhoods Informed

Family Services: Building a 
Community of Solutions

Family Services has served Forsyth County children and families since 1905. More than 110 years ago, Miss Annie Grogan, a local telephone operator, combined compassion with a genius for organizing community resources -- city leaders, churches, physicians, and businesses -- to respond to families in need and assist them to become self-sufficient. Her anti-poverty efforts founded Family Services (called Associated Charities at the time), the first organized private charity in Winston-Salem. 
Over the years, Family Services has evolved to meet the changing conditions of families by providing services that the community depends on -- counseling for children, teens, adults and families; support for victims of domestic violence and their families; and quality preschool education through Early Head Start (birth through 36 months) and Head Start (Pre-K).

Distinctively Family Services also focuses on seeking solutions -- not stopgaps -- that will build a healthier, more vibrant community for all who call Forsyth County home. That's why the agency has launched a strategic vision to 1) eliminate family violence and sexual assault and 2) develop a system of support that will ensure all children have access to quality Pre-K education. As convener, catalyst, organizer and sustainer, Family Services is working with action-focused partners to build a "community of solutions" that is strengthening limited resources in order to achieve common goals that benefit all of us.
Learn more about Family Services' plan at

Merschel Plaza

In the 2014 municipal bond package voters approved $3 million to build/improve Merschel Plaza. If you aren't familiar with this plaza, it is located at the intersection of West Fourth Street and Trade Street. It is the sloping area in front of the One Park Vista condominium building. There has been a general plan calling for a public space at this location since the 1970s. With the success in our downtown this seemed like a good time to add another great public space to the mix. The site measures just under 1 acre but is contiguous to other property that we think will be developed at roughly the same time as the plaza and have a major positive impact on this section of downtown.
SciWorks and the Children's Museum have announced plans to merge and occupy the site of the former sheriff's office on West Third Street. This is directly south of Merschel Plaza and, if approved by the county commissioners, will interact with the plaza. The Old Court House, the Cardinal Hotel and the Residences at the R.J. Reynolds building are all completed or in the works. The Pepper Building may join the party, too!
As Council Member for the NW Ward Wanda Merschel was instrumental in architecting the city's incentives that have resulted in the current vibrancy of our downtown. The park has been seen as a green, quiet and restful space in an increasingly vibrant and lively area. We have several other parks (Bailey, Liberty Arts and Winston Square) that provide "active", programmable spaces where live entertainment or other organized events may occur.

As downtown continues to thrive and grow, it requires additional parking to support visitors. The plaza will have street-level parking on the Third Street side that will actually be below grade on the Fourth Street side. In combination with the County and private adjacent  property owners' efforts there will be roughly 150 parking spaces in the space where there are currently less than 60.

Above you can see preliminary sketches of what might be built. So far, comments have been very favorable around the use of big canopy trees and the gentle slope on the west side that allows for pedestrian traffic to the strollway without the use of stairs. There have also been concerns about there being too much hard surface and not enough grass. Safety in the parking areas troubled several folks who have joined the conversation, and that is something that all are aware of and will incorporate into the final design. The architect will go back to work on these and other suggestions.
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