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Welcome to the May Northwest Ward newsletter. This month I wanted to highlight some recent and upcoming events as well as answer some questions you all probably have. I have changed out some of the links on the left hand side of the page so please check them out. People continue to tell me that they use these all the time. In their email account they search for the " northwest ward newsletter", open up the email and then click link to find out if it is recycling week or not (or whatever else they might be interested in).
I appreciate your suggestions for future articles in the newsletter. Please keep 'em coming!

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Winston-Salem: What You Need to Know
Spring Brings New Businesses

Winston-Salem has become an attractive place for companies to open up shop. The most recent wave of openings ranges from national brands to boutique hotels.

Probably the most notable opening is the Kimpton/PMC partnership which converted the former RJR headquarters building into The Cardinal Hotel, The Katherine restaurant and more than 100 apartment units. The owners performed an amazing transformation to an iconic structure in our downtown. Stop by for a visit. 

The newest location of SuperCuts opened in the Whitaker Square Shopping Center (near Harris Teeter and the Bagel Station) on Peace Haven Road. Lara Davenport and her partner have opened the first of several planned franchises of this successful company.

Downtown now has its own UPS store. May 12th was the grand opening of the UPS store at Sixth and Liberty streets. Located smack in between the vibrancy of Trade Street and the buzzing former tobacco factories in Innovation Quarter, this location will experience significant development in the near future, I believe.

  The Publix grocery store on Miller Street has been eagerly awaited by its fans. Founded in Florida, the chain is making a big push into North Carolina and chose a challenging site on Miller Street for its first store in Winston. Unique to this area, the two-level format (with parking below and huge elevators to accommodate shoppers and their carts) is an example of creative development that works well. As more people and businesses locate within the city limits, it is this type of creativity that will allow for density to increase without negative impacts.

Winston Salem Cycling

From May 22 to May 30, Winston-Salem will be the focus of the entire country as we host the 2016 Volkswagen USA Cycling Professional Road and TT Championships. That is a mouthful, but what it means is that thousands of participants, spectators and support personnel will be visiting Winston-Salem for the better part of two weeks. This is a major event for us and will all us to show what we have to offer: our vibrant downtown, restaurants, hotels, Airbnbs, greenways, etc. As always, I am sure we will be friendly and gracious hosts.

Throughout the week a concert series called Gears and Guitars will be hosted at Bailey Park and Merschel Park. The week will  conclude with the Winston-Salem Cycling Classic. I hope you are able to join and enjoy the festivities.

Thanks to Visit Winston-Salem and the Tourism Authority for all the work they have done to secure this event as well as the folks at Winston-Salem Cycling Classic.

Keeping Neighborhoods Informed
Downtown Parking Study

As our downtown continues to grow and add to our tax base, we need to anticipate infrastructure requirements necessary to sustain and expand this success. The number of people visiting downtown is far greater than it has ever been and yet we seem to have sufficient parking to accommodate the residents, businesses and visitors of the Central Business District. Every city tries to balance pedestrian friendliness with easy access and affordable parking for people who prefer to drive to downtown destinations. 

An added dimension to the issue of sufficient parking is to make sure that we provide parking solutions to the cooks, wait staff and bartenders, etc. who are downtown every day.
We are commissioning a study to access what we have and what we might possibly need in the future. In the past, as part of an effort to kick-start downtown development, the city contributed significant capital to build and operate parking decks. I don't believe it is any longer the city's responsibility to build parking decks unless there is a compelling business case to do so. I feel like the pump has been primed and that the economic environment allows private developers to build their own parking facilities. We do have several remaining previous commitments to honor, but they are all revenue positive to the city.

Thanks to the Downtown Partnership for their signage upgrades making it easier to identify these locations.
  Fiber Optics

What is that orange tubing that is being buried alongside the roadways.
In June 2014 the city and AT&T agreed to cooperate in order to bring high-speed fiber-optic cable to homes and businesses in Winston-Salem.
In its press release, AT&T said: City officials ratified an agreement with AT&T to bring ultra-fast internet access to residents and businesses in Winston-Salem.  AT&T will provide U-verse with GigaPower over a fiber network with speeds capable of up to 1 gigabit per second. 

The agreement stemmed from a North Carolina Next Generation  Network (NCNGN) initiative. The NCNGN is composed of six cities, four leading universities, and local business leaders working to encourage development of high-speed broadband networks in the state.

The plan outlines potential fiber deployments to deliver ultra-fast broadband to parts of Winston-Salem. AT&T U-verse with GigaPower will also deliver advanced TV services and internet speeds up to 10 times faster than what is available in Winston-Salem today.

How fast is 1GB?
Download 25 songs in one second
Download your favorite TV show in less than 3 seconds
Download an HD online movie in less than 36 seconds
"We're thrilled that Winston-Salem will be in the next round of cities for AT&T's rollout of its U-verse with GigaPower," said Winston-Salem Mayor Allen Joines. "Our city has a well-deserved reputation as a technology and medical leader, and a network of this magnitude will help take the work underway in both those areas to new levels of innovation and achievement."

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