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June 11, 2021

It's Almost Summer!

Friday, June 18 is the last day of school for students! We will be dismissing students at 12:30PM.

Graduation is scheduled for Tuesday, June 15, from 5:00 - 6:30PM. The forecast currently includes a slight chance of showers that day. We'll keep an eye on the weather and announce on Monday whether we're proceeding with the ceremony on Tuesday or moving it to the rain date of Thursday (keep your fingers crossed for Tuesday!).

Northwood School

Summer Reading 2021

Dear Students and Families,

We hope you have a joyful and fun-packed summer this year! Part of the summer fun will be reading books of your choice for pleasure. We ask that each student entering grades 1 to 8 choose one of the following summer reading activities and return the finished project to their teacher at the beginning of the new school year. (For those students who are not yet independent readers and writers, others may read the book aloud and act as scribes for them.)

Please choose one of the following options:

Option 1: Storyboard  

Read a fictional book, then retell the story in your own words through pictures! Create a storyboard with at least five panels. You can find a template on the school website. Include one panel for each of the following parts of the book: 

K-3: setting, characters, beginning, middle, and end. 

4-8: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution

Each panel must be detailed and colorful. Below each panel, write a brief summary of the events in that section. You may download a template from the school website, or complete the storyboard digitally using a free storyboard tool such as

Option 2: Poster  

Create a poster board-size poster to “sell” the book you have read. Make sure it contains important information about the book, including the title and author, the genre, and some quotes from the book to pull the viewer in. Include a colored illustration of a character or scene from the book.  Explain what you liked about the book and why you think your audience should read it!

Option 3: Book Review   

Write a book review of at least three paragraphs that describes the book you read, providing important information about the setting, plot, genre, and characters. Do not give away the ending--remember your audience includes people who may not have read the book! Explain what you like or dislike about the book and why you feel that way.  Make sure the title of the review is different from the book title and give the book a star rating (between 1 to 5 stars).  

Option 4: Slides Presentation

Create a slideshow of at least 10 slides that describes the book you read. Include information about the important characters, setting, and plot. Use illustrations and color to add visual appeal, and explain whether you would recommend this book to others.

Option 5: Video Book Talk

Create a 3-5 minute video book talk. In the video, hold up the book, state the title and author, and describe the setting, characters, and plot (without giving away the ending) to your audience. Speak loudly and clearly! Explain who you would recommend this book to, and how you feel about the book.

In addition to your book project, we encourage students to take part in the Chesley Library “Tales and Tails” program and join a reading team!  Register by June 30 to be included in a drawing to win two tickets to Santa’s Village! Please call or stop by the library or visit for more information.

Need a recommendation? Middle school students, check out the Isinglass Award Nominees. Students in grades 4-6 may enjoy a book from the Great Stoneface Book Award list. 

Questions? Please contact Jessica Carloni, Northwood School reading specialist,  at .

News from Grade 4

During Trimester 3, Fourth Grade had the tremendous opportunity to work with two artists from the Bridge Up Theatre Group. Each classroom attended 10 virtual sessions to learn about William Shakespeare, how language has changed over time, and what the play "A MidSummer Night's Dream" is about. Students collaborated when learning and acting out lines with their classroom artists.


4A had the great pleasure of working with actress Margaret J. Leisenheimer and created a Part One video from the scene of Puck and Peaseblossom.

4F also enjoyed working with their Bridge Up! coach Stephanie LaVardera. Here is a link to 4F's Part Two video from the scene of Puck and Peaseblossom.


We hope you enjoy our videos as much as we did learning about language and making them!

News from the Art Room

Kindergarten created symmetrical lizards. 


1st grade created tasty ice cream sundaes showing texture. 

6th grade created beyond the border drawings to show emphasis.

They also created tin foil carvings to show texture. 

4th grade create symmetrical name monsters.

8th Grade created mandalas to show radial symmetry. 

Kindergarten News

This week in kindergarten we celebrated Eric Carle! The kids enjoyed listening to the stories and doing the activities. Our bulletin boards feature The Grouchy Ladybug and The Very Busy Spider.

News from the Library

Grab your swimsuit, your sunscreen, and your sandcastle supplies! It’s time to get ready for the beach, and no beach bag is complete without some books to enjoy as the waves crash and the seagulls screech.


It’s the perfect time to shop the Northwood School Online Book Fair!


Walk through our Fair with a fun and fresh beach-themed interactive experience.


Features include:

-       A scavenger hunt in the sand

-       Author videos

-       Reading lists

The Virtual Scholastic Book Fair is 6/1/2021-6/14/2021! 

Visit the Book Fair!

The Yearbook Committee has extra yearbooks for sale! Quantities are limited, so if your child(ren) would like one please let us know ASAP by emailing Cash or a check made payable to Northwood School is acceptable.

There are 4 Hardcover for $21 each.

There are 19 Softcover for $16 each.

Community Information

Important Dates

June 11 - Special Board meeting, 6:00

June 15 - Eighth grade graduation, 5:00 - 6:30

June 17 - School Board meeting, 6:30

June 18 - Last day of school, early release, 12:30

June 25 - Report cards emailed home

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