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May 14, 2021

May is Mental Health Awareness Month


Students in grades K-4 will be discussing mental health, focusing on recognizing feelings they are experiencing, identifying adults they can talk to about their feelings, learning about and practicing positive self talk, what self esteem is, and how to make it positive and stronger. If at any time you have questions or concerns regarding your child's mental health, please reach out to me. I am always here to help. 


Lynda MacDonald, K-4 School Counselor

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Positive self-talk flowers

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Fourth graders' ideas of what hope means to them.

Sixth Grade Visit to The Browne Center at UNH

This week, sixth grade students went on a field trip to The Browne Center for Innovative Learning at UNH. The Browne Center programs consist of a customized sequence of experiential activities that foster individual and team growth. In an environment that is fun, safe, and respectful, their programs also provide opportunities for participants to make positive choices, gain self-confidence, and learn skills that are critical to their development. Here are some of the skills our students worked on:


●      Social and Emotional Learning

●      Empathy and Trust

●      Communication and Leadership

●      Team Development and Community Building

News from the Library

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. The Northwood Library is committed to providing a wide variety of books for our students to learn from and enjoy. Books act as both mirrors and windows for readers.

'Mirrors' are books that contain story lines, characters, and experiences you can see yourself in. You can make personal connections to these books. Students feel seen and heard after reading a book that is a mirror. 

A book that is a window helps readers see into the life or experience of someone else.

Whether you are looking for a mirror or a window, the school library has Reader Advisory lists based around themes of diversity and awareness, including books featuring Asian Pacific American characters and authors.

Please visit the Reader Advisory page on the library website to see all our recommended lists.

One of the most popular requests in the picture book section of the library is for mermaid books. MerMay is a month-long celebration of creativity, community and above all… MERMAIDS. 

As a lifelong Ariel fan, I completely understand the draw of these fantasy stories, and as a librarian, I enjoy seeing the beautiful illustrations and seeing how excited the young students get when they discover a new fantasy story.

We've recently added some new books featuring this mythical creature, in addition to some of the classics we always have.

 Many artists use MerMay as a month to follow sketch prompts, and we also have a book titled "It's Fun to Draw Fairies and Mermaids" if students want to exercise their artistic talents. 

Kindergarten News

This week in kindergarten we made rockets as part of our transportation unit, and finished up our measurement unit in math.

During teaching time we learned about chickens, how to do a cartwheel, make coffee filter snowflakes, and how to train your dog. We are so very proud of our little “teachers”!

Reminder to Families

Please make sure your child comes to school with a refillable water bottle. As the weather gets warmer, students are drinking more water! Our bubblers are turned off as a covid precaution, so having a refillable water bottle handy helps to ensure that students stay hydrated.

Information on State Testing

NHSAS testing continues next week. Please click the picture to see a schedule for upcoming NHSAS testing.

Also included in the document is some information from the New Hampshire Department of Education.

Guest Teachers Needed

If you are interested in working at Northwood School as a guest teacher (also known as a substitute teacher), please apply at this link! The School Board recently increased the daily rate of pay to $100. Please contact Mrs. Gulick-Ryan or Mr. Alford with any questions.

Meals Information

Community Information

Important Dates

May 17 - Seventh grade field trip

May 20 - School Board meeting, 6:30

May 31 - Memorial Day, no school

June 3 - School Board meeting, 6:30

June 8 - No school for students (voting day)

June 15 - Eighth grade graduation, 5:00

June 17 - School Board meeting, 6:30

June 18 - Last day of school, early release

June 25 - Report cards emailed home

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