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November 19, 2021

Masking Update

We will continue with required masking indoors and during close-contact outdoor activities next week.

Vaccine Clinic for Ages 5-11

Parents and Guardians of Children ages 5-11,

I am happy to be reporting that we are able to offer an opportunity for families of children ages 5-11, to receive the Covid 19 vaccination. This clinic will be open to Nottingham and Northwood families on Friday, December 10, from 3pm to 6pm. The second dose will be administered on Friday, January 14, from 3pm to 6pm.  Both clinics will be held at Nottingham School.

If you are interested in getting the vaccine, please let us know how many children, ages 5-11, you anticipate bringing, by simply putting the number in this Google Form This does not bind you to the clinic, but simply gives the organizers an anticipated number to help with scheduling, vaccine counts, etc.  

As we get closer, parent permission forms will be made available ahead of time, electronically and in hard copies, at both Northwood and Nottingham Schools.  

Thank you,


Save the Date:

Pajama Day!

When: Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Fee: $1.00 (proceeds go to the 8th grade class)

What to wear: pajamas, slippers (bring regular shoes for outdoors)

What to bring (optional): stuffed animals

Using D.A.T.A. to Give Meaning to Student Learning

As grades begin to close shortly after Thanksgiving Break, teachers will begin to generate report cards for all students within their classes.  It is important to note that these reports of student understanding, growth, and mastery are the result of the many approaches to data collection of student learning in order to help give meaningful insight to the growth process.  

What then do we mean by D.A.T.A.?

Data can provide information about student learning and here are some thoughts to consider about data to help you give meaning to your child’s learning.  Of course, an ongoing partnership with your child’s teacher, and extension enrichment, such as homework completion, can provide even greater insight to this learning process.

First, think of data as D.A.T.A.!  Data is a Depth measurement of your child’s learning.  Such a measurement provides a benchmark of learning of taught curriculum content, and is information that educators, parents, and students can use to begin measuring learning and understanding for the purpose of making decisions about actions that can support growth.

D.A.T.A. promotes Accountability.  Having reported information about students’ learning helps everyone, including the students themselves, to reflect on what could be done to promote improvements in learning or to celebrate progress.  Lifelong learning is a continuous process, and it requires multiple persons, including teachers, support staff, parents/family, and the students themselves, to play a role in the learning process.

 D.A.T.A. is not a Test of ability. Data is an indicator of student progress and it can be an indicator of student achievement and growth potential, and it can provide a glimpse into student learning.  For example, data sometimes creates a reference point from which growth can be seen.  Data is sometimes used to generate a snapshot of student understanding at a point in time, and it can also indicate when and where students need support, encouragement, and enrichment.  

Finally, D.A.T.A. is Actionable!  Once data has indicated growth areas and understanding concepts at a given point in time, educators can use data to make a decision about what your child needs to improve learning. You and your child can also use data to make a decision about what actions could improve or extend learning (e.g., get extra help in a subject, improve study habits, consistently complete homework, participate in an extracurricular club, etc.).

Therefore, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher relating to data insights and your child’s progress as we all partner together to help every child succeed to the best of their potential!

Best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving!

Mike Ling, Curriculum Director

Happy Retirement!

The Northwood School Staff had the pleasure of celebrating the years of service of Colleen Gulick-Ryan who is retiring later this month. Mrs. Gulick-Ryan has been working with the special education department for over 25 years. Colleen you will be greatly missed, but “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” Enjoy your retirement!

From: The Sunshine Committee & Northwood School Staff

Third Grade Dictionary Donation

This week the third grade classes had some very special guest speakers! It has become a tradition at Northwood School for the third graders to receive a personal dictionary from the Chichester Grange. The “Dictionary Project” began in the 1990s in Georgia when a woman decided to give local children a dictionary to help with school. This later grew into wanting to put a dictionary into the hands of every third grader! With the help of generous donations this is able to happen. We at Northwood School are very lucky to have the Chichester Grange organize this event. We’d also like to extend a very big thank you to The Circle Restaurant in Epsom, who donated the money to purchase each third grader their own dictionary. 

Yearbook Cover Contest


(Grade 6)

Congratulations, Greyson! Your drawing was selected to be the cover of the school's yearbook!

Thank you to ALL who participated in the cover contest. Everyone’s drawing will be featured throughout the yearbook.

News from Kindergarten

Mrs. Magnusson’s kindergarteners have been learning all about the Pilgrims and the Wampanoags and their first Thanksgiving.  Did you know that kids did lots of work 400 years ago? They had to make butter, gather firewood, and get water from a stream. The houses had one room and you had to share a bed with your siblings.  We worked hard making a Thanksgiving centerpiece to share with our family to enjoy. We wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!

Lost and Found

Please encourage your child(ren) to check lost and found if you're missing any items!

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Important Dates

November 22 - School Board meeting, 6:30

November 24 - Early Release, 12:30

November 25 & 26 - Thanksgiving break, no school

December 3 - Grades close for Trimester 1

December 3 - Teacher Workshop Day, no school

December 8 - School Board meeting, 6:30

December 23 - Early Release, 12:30

December 24 - December 31 - Winter break, no school

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