Update from Norwin School District
Superintendent Dr. Jeff Taylor
April 6, 2020
Good afternoon Norwin Families and Community Members. 
As we begin our second week of online instruction, I would like to take a moment to share my thoughts on family stress during these challenging times.
We are living during a time of social distancing, isolation, and uncertainty. Parents and children alike may be experiencing fear and anxiety about a global pandemic while, simultaneously, trying to work and learn from home. These are certainly times of stress for our community. 
Stress affects everyone differently. It can cause changes in sleep or eating patterns, difficulty concentrating, or strong emotional responses to minor changes in routines. The social and emotional health of our students is of paramount importance for all of us at the Norwin School District. Therefore, I would like to recommend a few tips for you and your family to try to decrease stress levels across Norwin. 
Ways to Cope with Stress:
Stay Active
Simply moving around can decrease stress for children. You may want to consider creative ways to stay active such as setting up an obstacle course, playing hide-and-seek, watching exercise videos on YouTube, or having a family dance party. For a list of vetted movement apps, games, and websites,  please click here
Don’t Let the News Get You Down
If you are feeling stressed from the increase in COVID-19 news alerts, try to disengage for a while. Sometimes the best medicine for decreasing stress is decreasing distractions. Try to turn off the news, silence your notifications, and ask your children to do the same. Having a cozy night on the couch with your family that includes some giant laughs can really help with decreasing stress. Try to laugh together -- choose a family movie that will be certain to get everyone to laugh. For a list of vetted family-friendly funny movies,  please click here .
Practice Mindfulness 
Children can pick up on our anxiety as adults, so it is important for us to manage our own feelings. Try taking deep breaths, taking the dog for a walk, or finding an activity that will help you to quiet your mind. 

During these stressful times, it may be helpful to introduce your family to meditation. For a list of mindfulness and meditation apps for children and families,  please click here
As always, please know that Together We Can get through these difficult times if we stay #NorwinStrong
Best regards,
Dr. Jeff Taylor
NEW Attendance Form Link for April 7 - 17

Tuesday, April 7, 2020 begins the School District's new 6-day cycle for Continuity of Education through online instruction. At the beginning of each 6-day cycle of online instruction, we will have a new link to access the daily attendance form.  

To enter an attendance form for April 7 – 17, 2020, please click here or enter this URL in your web browser: bit.ly/NSD4-7to4-17.

As a reminder, there is no online instruction for students on April 10, 13, and 14.
The previous attendance form for March 30 – April 6, 2020 will not collect responses after today, April 6, 2020. Please replace the previous link with the new link provided above. 

Thank you for your continued efforts with online instruction.
"Chalk" It up to Optimism: Norwin Students Make Inspirational Sidewalk Art for Neighborhood

Siblings Nathan Klingensmith (5th grade), Amber Klingensmith (5th grade), and Hanna Klingensmith (7th grade) made this art project for a school assignment for teacher Ms. Debra Roberts. In the process, they gave their neighborhood a big dose of optimism. Thank you, Klingensmiths, for this artistic morale booster and for reminding us that #TogetherWeCan !
Music Teachers Peform Norwin Alma Mater

The teachers of the Norwin Music Department have collaborated with each other and have joined their instruments and voices to perform this virtual rendition of the Norwin Alma Mater.

Thank you, Music Department, for helping to lift our spirits with this inspirational video so that we can remain #NorwinStrong!
Norwin's Alma Mater
On a grassy hillside
Spacious wide to see,
Stands our Alma Mater,
We will sing of thee.
Norwin High forever,
We will strive to be
Always faithful, loyal,
Norwin, Dear, to thee
With her colors bright,
Our banner gleams so true,
Making hearts beat right,
For our own gold and blue.

–Ida Smith Winter

Preparing for Online Instruction
NEW Norwin School District Daily Attendance Form
  • Beginning on March 30, 2020, and continuing each day during online instruction, families will be asked to complete a daily attendance form for each child in the family. The link to the attendance form will be included on the STREAM on each Google Classroom and can also be found here. We appreciate your assistance in completing this form for each child one time daily so that attendance can be entered and maintained into Skyward.

Norwin Lunches for Students in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program
  • Every Monday and Wednesday through the shutdown, the District will serve a bagged lunch from 11am - 1pm from the Norwin High School Auditorium doors (Door No. 6). The lunch program on Mondays will supply enough food for Monday and Tuesday, and the lunch program on Wednesdays will supply enough food for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Norwin Businesses Support Students During Shutdown
  • Please click here to view a Google Doc with information from some of our community partners regarding no-cost meals for students.

Do-It-Yourself Cleaning Supplies

Screen-Free Activities for Families

Public Utility Commission Urges Financially Stressed Consumers to Explore Options
Internet Options
  • The Norwin School District realizes that not every family has access to the Internet at home, though some may wish to. Please click here for a collection of resources for families to obtain broadband Internet at their home at low or no cost.
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