Update from Norwin School District
Superintendent Dr. Jeff Taylor
March 17, 2020
Dear Norwin School District Families and Members of the Community,
Please take a few minutes to read this important update. We will continue to share information in the upcoming days and weeks as the need arises. Given the rapidly evolving situation related to this disease, t his is a very challenging time for all of us with many unanswered questions. We at Norwin School District will do our best to provide timely information and updates. 

Voluntary Educational Resources for Student Education
  • Today I am pleased to provide families with a variety of online resources that have been compiled by Norwin educators. Parents can consider using any or all of these on a voluntary basis in order to provide continuity of instruction during the District shutdown.

  • Because Norwin is not approved to provide Flexible Instructional Days (see next section), use of these educational resources is not required. I am hopeful that these digital tools will provide parents with an opportunity for engaging and meaningful educational activities with their children.

Flexible Instructional Days
  • Some parents may have questions about online educational options at Norwin School District during the statewide shutdown of schools that is in effect through March 29, 2020.

  • As background, please know that the majority of schools in Pennsylvania are not approved to provide flexible instructional days (FIDs). Only 79 of the 500 school districts across Pennsylvania have been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. FID applications were due to the Pennsylvania Department of Education by September 1, 2019. The majority of the 79 school districts that were approved are able to provide a 1:1 technology device environment for their students. Because Norwin currently does not have that capability, we did not choose to submit an application in August of 2019. However, our District recently adopted a multi-year technology plan where we will provide devices to students with the goal of becoming a 1:1 school district within the next three years.

  • Like many school district superintendents, I am currently lobbying for retroactive approval for Norwin to offer FIDs. However, the Pennsylvania Department of Education has not been receptive to our requests thus far.

Norwin Online Academy
  • The Norwin Online Academy is provided to our students through the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit. Unfortunately, they only accept students for semester or full year-long courses. Therefore, we are unable to use the Norwin Online Academy at this time.

Updated Information about Lunch Program for Students
  • On Friday, March 20th, the District will begin serving a bagged lunch of a Smuckers Uncrustable, cheese stick, MJM snack crackers, milk, fruit, and juice for students enrolled in our free and reduced lunch program. We will be serving from 11am - 1pm from the Norwin High School Auditorium doors (Door No. 6). People will not need to get out of their vehicles in order to retrieve the meals as our food service employees will walk the bagged lunches to the cars.
  • This will be repeated on Monday, March 23rd, with enough food for Monday and Tuesday.
  • It will be repeated again on Wednesday, March 25th, with enough food for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Norwin Businesses Support Students During Shutdown
  • We are very fortunate to have an amazing business community, which is led by many local leaders who are willing to support students with meals during this difficult time.

  • Please click here to view a Google Doc with information from some of our community partners regarding no-cost meals for students. We will do our best to update this listing as new information is received.

Thank you for your continued patience during this difficult time. Please know that the District continues to work diligently to best meet the needs of our students, families, employees, and community members during this pandemic health crisis.

Dr. Jeff Taylor,
Community Resources
Free 60-Day Internet Access:
  • As a result of the pandemic, Comcast is currently offering families free Internet access for 60 days. In order to apply for the free Internet access, please visit www.internetessentials.com.

  • Should the District be permitted to offer remote instruction in the near future, the Internet will become an invaluable tool for providing instructional resources to students. 
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