January 2014


Children's Visit to the Center

Summer School Program


During the month of January, more than 70 children that participate in the "Summer School" program visited the Nosara Recycling and Education Center. During this visit, the children became familiar with the initiative and learned about the problem of trash and its solutions. The process of separating recyclable material was explained to them, and they had the opportunity to see recycled art handicrafts. 


Recycling Center

Monthly Raffle

Each month we will be raffling off a prize to anyone who brings their recyclables to the Nosara's Recycling and Education Center. Open Monday through Friday from 8AM to 4PM, we intend to improve awareness of the project and encourage more people to recycle. Prizes are donated by different community businesses. If you would also like to be a sponsor, please contact us.
Thanks to the following businesses for supporting this initiative:
Century 21
 Lagarta Lodge

Collection of Recyclables in Nosara

Second and Fourth Wednesday of each Month


We continue to make collections on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. The route runs from the Blue Spirit hotel and all through Guiones and Pelada ("Playas de Nosara"), including Las Huacas, and ending at the main street of Nosara. The cost of these collections is being sponsored by different businesses within the area. Special thanks to the following hotels for their sponsorship:


November: Harmony Hotel

December: Lagarta Lodge

January: Laquaviva

February: Harbor Reef


Ecological Blue Flag Festival 

Bich�n Basur�n Stage Play


On November 30, the Ecological Blue Flag Festival took place with various cultural and educational activities. The Recycling Center workers interpreted "El Bich�n Basur�n"(The Litterbug"), a play with the theme of environmental responsibility created especially for children by Del Mar Academy School.


Festival of Lights: We Recycle for a Cleaner Nosara 
The Nosara Recycling and Education Center participated in the Festival of Light held this past Saturday, December 14th with a float called "We Recycle for a Cleaner Nosara". This festival is organized by both the Bocas de Nosara high school and the Association of Integral Development of Nosara. During the festivities, many people within Nosara came out to enjoy the more than 10 floats that participated. It is also worth mentioning that our float was decorated with recycled material brought to the Center. We would like to thank LHC Construction Company for lending us their truck.


Caf� Tertulias

Educational Talks

During the months of November and December, we held educational talks in various locations within the area as well as in neighboring regions such as San Pedro, Santa Teresita, Arenales, and Nosara. During these Caf� Tertulias talks, we spoke with the community about our general project as well as the topics of environmental education and all issues surrounding the correct separation and disposal of solid waste. 

Learning to Create Compost

Sustainable Home Workshop

We would like to thank Adrian Arias from the Harmony Hotel for giving us a series of workshops regarding the creation of organic compost. We are raising Californian Earthworms to produce rich organic fertilizer.  


The Center is also organizing a series of workshops to involve the community. The first workshop will be held Saturday, February 8th at the Recycling Center during the induction of the Sustainable Home Program, a new category of the Ecological Blue Flag Program. If you would like to participate please contact us. 




Artisan's Fair
Art Made From Recycled Material

An Artisan's Fair was recently organized at The Gilded Iguana. Various artisans were invited and participated. The Recycling and Education Center was also present, selling crafts made from recycled materials by workers of the Center



Talks at Serapio L�pez School and the Red Cross


Environmental Education talks were given at the Serapio L�pez School and with a group from the Red Cross. Educational videos shown and talks given covered the topic of recycling and our project in general. 


Annual Clean-Up Calendar

First Saturday of each Month

We hope to count on the participation of the largest number of businesses and people possible during our monthly clean ups. If you would like to participate, please contact us.



Playa Guiones




Playa Pelada


Calla frente al Centro de Acopio


Santa Marta


Guiones Sur


Boca del R�o Nosara


 Nosara Centro


Santa Teresita




San Pedro


Frente del Centro de Acopio


Clean Up of Mini Collection Centers on the Beaches


The Recycling Association is currently organizing the clean ups of the Recycling Bins at the entrance of the beaches with the help of local businesses. Thanks to the following businesses for helping keep our beaches clean:



Harbor Reef

Nosara Tico Surf School

Agua Tibia Surf School

Cacho�s Surf School

Beach Dog Caf�

Coconut Harry's

Harmony Hotel

Toyota Rent a Car

Kaya Sol

Living Hotel

Juan Surfo

Pacifico Azul

Gilded Iguana


                             Frog Pad





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Phone number: 8661-3944

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