Even though an average winter gets 6 inches of snow, Portland has only a 1-2% chance of having a White Christmas. Specific to this year, Phil Volker of ERF Long Range Weather Forecasting says, “Given what is showing up from the models, I do not see any low elevation snows west of the mountains through New Year's! All of you should be able to relax with families during Christmas and New Year's and not worry too much about road or transportation issues…”

That being said, our current La Nina weather increases our likelihood of low-elevation snow as we go into January. La Nina has been developing all fall and predictions of a colder, wetter winter were predicted at the beginning of October. We have since had a rather mild late fall and early winter. However, similar La Nina years in the past were mild in December and snowy in January. We will see and are prepared if and when snow occurs.
We believe we provide the best winter weather service in the Portland/Vancouver Metro area out of our 3 offices: Hillsboro, Sherwood, and Parkrose. We provide sidewalk shoveling and deicing, parking lot plowing and sanding, as well as parking lot deicer pre-treating. You can sign up for any or all of these services and can designate whether you want them provided on weekdays or all days including weekends. We monitor weather throughout the winter and recommend you allow us to make the determination on when to deploy but leave you the option of making the call.
As a part of our winter storm services we post winter weather warning signs at the driveway entrances of sites we serve; an expansion of our service starting last year. We also send emails out on days before potential events to keep customers informed of our plan. We follow these up with additional email updates during the storm, often times in the middle of the night as we complete service to give customers real time updates. Our service and communication is next to none!