Is the NJ Energy Master Plan Out of Step with Reality?
In a recent column, columnist Paul Mulshine looked at the issue of electric vehicles and whether they were ready for prime time to stop the use of fossil fuels.

But as he points out, the non-partisan US Energy Information Administration's latest Annual Energy Outlook says that petroleum use is predicted to rise from a current level of about 35 quadrillion BPUs (QBPU’s for short) to about 39 QBPUs by 2050. The report also says there will be a mere 16 QBPUs of alternative energy by 2050.

Mulshine concludes that for all the talk about alternative options being ready, that fossil fuels aren't going anywhere and "this isn't energy policy, it's virtue-signaling.
How Does NJ Rate With Other States? Not Great
Scanning the list of companies in New Jersey that made the prestigious Fortune 500 list last week reveals that New Jersey had just 15 named. That means just 3% of the Fortune 500 companies are based in New Jersey. And according to the story, New Jersey is going in the wrong direction.

That is why it is even more important that we have energy policy that is affordable for New Jersey businesses and residents The BPU must provide transparency so that businesses can plan for the increased energy costs they will face.

New Jersey Energy Transparency Watch
This week we will go over 500 days since New Jersey has released any information about costs associated with their proposals they are advancing contained in the Energy Master Plan.
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