The construction industry is changing. At McHugh, we have leaned in, no holds barred. We are no stranger to challenging the status quo and believe women can hold any title and do any job—from Tradeswoman to Project Executive to Superintendent. We go to work in construction every day with the drive and vision for a more diverse and inclusive workforce. At McHugh, we celebrate women every day but we want to remind everyone this week that we are not just #WomeninConstruction,
...the Project Manager that oversaw construction of the
$1B St. Regis Chicago.
Melissa Tompkins has overseen construction of some of the most prominent high-rise residential buildings in Chicago, including the St. Regis, the tallest building in the world designed by a woman, and the third-tallest overall in Chicago. As Project Manager for the St. Regis, Melissa was one of twelve women on McHugh’s management team in key positions, overseeing project activities for the 101-story, 1,198 ft tower.
...the McHugh Concrete, Assistant Project Manager whose first two projects of her career totals over $250M in concrete.
Shelby Griffin’s first two jobs out of college were record setting high-rise buildings, St. Regis Chicago and One Chicago Square scaling at 2,209 ft in total. Currently, Shelby’s in charge of coordinating roughly 2 million pounds of rebar for One Square Chicago which includes two concrete towers connected by a central podium. She not only is remarkable at resolving the day-to-day problems as they occur, but she is able to efficiently manage the delivery of materials from suppliers, complete quality inspections and effectively communicate with on-site tradespeople on one of the largest projects being constructed in Chicago.
...the Project Manager who led the top-to-bottom renovation of the Peninsula's magnificent Presidential Suite.
With a meticulous eye, Jennifer Gee built one of the most high-end bespoke interiors at Peninsula's Presidential Suite. Known for their iconic luxury, Jennifer revitalized the suite by performing an intricate and extensive renovation to the 3,600 sf space giving it a fresh look and feel. For over 16 years, Jennifer has been transforming hotels including the massive guestroom renovation at Chicago Marriot Downtown and a complete renovation of Cambria Hotel & Suites’ guestrooms, rooftop bar, and amenities—all while the hotel stayed in operation.
...the Project Manager that brought to life the
largest rooftop bar in the world and the first hotel on Navy Pier.
Keri Woodring led the complex project of the rooftop venue which was recently recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest rooftop bar. This impressive venue also includes 20,000 sf of outdoor patio/terrace space. Building on top of a 100-year-old historic structure had its challenges including reducing the project’s weight to not add more than 10% to the existing building. Subsequently, Keri served as Project Manager on Navy Pier’s first hotel, Chicago’s only hotel to offer the unique perspective of the city from Lake Michigan. 
...the Project Manager who is overseeing construction as part of the ongoing revitalization of the Bronzeville neighborhood.
Currently under construction, Terez Sturrup is managing 508 Pershing—the latest addition to the phased redevelopment of Oakwood Shores expansion with over 100 acres of planned homes and parks. As a Bronzeville resident, Terez is excited to be a part of the project’s role in the ongoing revitalization of the neighborhood.
...the Assistant Superintendent that led field operations for some of Chicago’s most notable high-rises.
Colby Egan has been an integral part of leading field operations on some of Chicago’s most notable high-rises. As Assistant Superintendent, she is a go-to team member for McHugh’s most challenging and high-profile projects. Colby's last four projects alone total approximately 4.6 million sf and 277 stories. Colby’s first project after joining McHugh was the award-winning 82-story Aqua at Lakeshore East. Located a few blocks east of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, this building’s unique exterior is made up of concrete balconies mimicking the undulating waves of Lake Michigan and boasts an impressive 82,000 sf outdoor terrace. When it was completed, Aqua was the world's tallest building designed by a woman. It was just recently surpassed by the nearly $1B St. Regis Chicago which Colby was also the Assistant Superintendent of.
...the Project Manager who oversaw the $6.9 million expansion of East Bank Club.
Jeanne Bartels led the 8,000 sf expansion of East Bank Club in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. Jeanne brought to life a state-of-the-art 70-bike cycling studio and a members-only coworking space on a newly constructed mezzanine level while the club continued operations. The project also included the transformation of existing space under the mezzanine into a new free weight room, updates to the club’s cardio room and the construction of a new floating staircase leading to the mezzanine.
...the Tradeswoman whose passion and talent has allowed her to succeed in multiple trades.
From pouring concrete, to electrical work, to carpentry, Tenna’ Monroe can do it all. With a 25-year career in the trades, Tenna’ has worked on bridges, ground up construction, and even renovations, like her current project, Prairie Shores, a five-building residential community conveniently located in the Bronzeville neighborhood she considers home. Working in the construction industry, Tenna’ enjoys the variety of the work, which is why Prairie Shores has been one of her favorite projects as no day looks the same. Her advice for anyone looking to pursue a career in construction is taking advancement classes—knowing as much as possible allows you the flexibility and stability for a long career in the trades.