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We all witness how fast the marketing world is ever-evolving and are proud that Ad•Lib Unlimited is at the forefront of this dynamic landscape. Our collective knowledge and expertise are expanding daily, and it's inspiring how our professionals keep honing their skills to deliver impactful results for our clients. We're not just keeping up with the latest trends but setting them.

Our team is a diverse blend of talent, and this collective brilliance fuels our success and sets us apart. As we continue this journey of growth and mastery, we'd like to celebrate and share our achievements– both big and small. Each step forward is a testament to dedication and hard work.

I'm genuinely grateful to have such a fantastic team by my side. Here's to the incredible journey ahead and the endless possibilities that await us all!

– Ruth Kalatsky, President

A Healthcare Ad Campaign that Showcases a

Neighborhood-Centric Approach to Recovery

There's no need to roam far and wide for stellar nursing care. Our ads celebrate each facility's locale, portraying that proximity to home doesn't mean compromising on top-tier care.

Crest Pointe and Coral Harbor

For these facilities, our ad campaign captures the essence of beachfront living. From the lively boardwalks to family hotspots like Jenkinson's and Asbury Park, we've painted a vibrant picture of healthcare against a backdrop of seaside joy. And let's not forget Coral Harbor, right across from Jersey Shore Medical Center, which adds convenience to this prime location. 

The Promenade at Seacrest

At The Promenade at Seacrest, we've showcased the heart of this facility – a commitment to excellence that makes The Promenade a destination. Our ad tells the story of their brand new Subacute Unit, which is worth the trip from anywhere. Because at Ad•Lib, we believe in turning every healthcare detail into a meaningful narrative.

A Word From Our Creative Director

Design Do's & Dont's


Understand Your Audience

Do: Understand the target audience for your design. Tailor your design to meet their needs, preferences, and expectations.

Simplicity and Clarity

Do: Keep your designs simple and clear. Avoid unnecessary complexity that might confuse or overwhelm users.

Use of White Space

Do: Embrace white space in your designs. It helps improve readability, organization, and overall aesthetics.


Overuse of Effects

Don’t: Overuse special effects, gradients, or animations. These can distract users and make your design appear cluttered.

Inconsistent Branding

Don’t: Use inconsistent branding elements. Maintain a cohesive brand identity across all design materials.

Poor Image Quality

Don’t: Use low-quality images. Ensure all visuals are high resolution and contribute positively to the overall design.

Ignoring Mobile Responsiveness

Don’t: Neglect mobile responsiveness. Ensure that your designs adapt well to different screen sizes and devices.

Modernizing Icons like River Ridge to Bridge Eras Seamlessly

River Ridge, the paradigm of nursing home excellence, has invested millions in a facility upgrade. Now, step into our digital realm with a sleek new website that mirrors the sophistication within its walls. Seamless navigation, enriched galleries, and detailed insights offer a clear window into the quality care and inviting atmosphere that defines River Ridge. Welcome to the future of nursing home exploration and the new River Ridge experience!

Check them out at

We Had a Blast At Our Adlib Holiday Party!

We took our creativity to the next level with a unique team-building experience at Graff Tours. We divided into two teams for an artist-led graffiti art workshop.

Team #GoSocial vs. Team #1507AveM

We transformed ideas into vibrant graffiti artworks, fostering collaboration, innovation, and festive fun. Here's to a successful year and a team that knows how to work hard and play hard!

Cheers to lots more memorable moments in the coming year!


Meet Gitty, Our Director of Digital Marketing

Growing up, I loved seeing what made other people tick. What made people do what they did, say what they said, buy what they bought. At first, I thought I would go into psychology or social work, but life happened. I got married very soon after graduating and moved to Israel, where pursuing a degree in psychology wasn't realistic anymore.

I jumped into marketing because what better option after psychology? After all, marketing is a psychological field – you must understand what resonates with your target audience enough for them to purchase or commit. I started working for a nurse staffing agency doing in-house digital marketing for several years.

In 2018, I joined Ad•Lib's incredible team! At that point, we had only a select few clients who felt comfortable enough to give social media a shot. They understood it was becoming the "thing to do" and stayed ahead of the game.

Nowadays, every nursing home administrator knows that their greatest asset is their online presence.

Their greatest advocate is their online reputation. As such, we've grown our Digital Marketing services from infancy to a robust operation to meet the demand. Today, we build our websites with SEO in mind every step of the way. Our clients see how vital social media, Google reviews, and email marketing are for their businesses.

Digital Marketing encompasses so much, and it's my greatest pleasure to assist so many companies and #LeadtheCharge!

One of Our Latest Design Accomplishments:

Transcend Hospice and Palliative Care

When conceptualizing this caring brand's logo, we aimed to convey compassion visually. We explored incorporating symbolic hands but found a graceful swirl better captured their essence – end-to-end supportive presence through life's finale.

This refined, flowing silhouette nods to the optimism of continuity ahead. The tranquil colors echo the warmth and spirit sustaining those in fragile states. While moments remain difficult, Transcend eases transitions through humankind's most intimate passage, brightened by close bonds.

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