Pier 2 Renovation Enters Second Phase
Renovations will enter a new phase this month when dredging begins at Pier 2. The project entails removing over 235,000 cubic yards of natural silt from the Davisville Channel and east berth. The work will be done by a dredge excavator with the capacity to remove 18 cubic yards of silt at a time – roughly the amount of material that would fit into an average-sized dump truck. A scow barge will then bring the material to the Federal Rhode Island Sound Disposal Site, located nine nautical miles off the coast of Point Judith.

This will be only the second time Pier 2 and its channel has been dredged since the 1940’s. This dredging project will allow the Port to accommodate even larger ships with more cargo and will also create the depth needed for the new third berth on the East face of Pier 2.

In advance of dredging, QDC worked closely with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, the R.I. Department of Environmental Management and the R.I. Coastal Resource Management Council to ensure strict compliance with all environmental regulations and guidelines.

Meanwhile, activity at the Port will continue at the usual pace - the sequence of dredging has been carefully coordinated to ensure that two berths at the Port remain open to incoming vessels at all times. 

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Quonset Will Not Rest on its Laurels
The Quonset Development Corporation is not resting on the laurels of its recent successes when it comes to maintaining its world-class infrastructure. 

Rhode Island voters approved $50 million, as part of a $70 million bond measure in 2016 for the rehabilitation of Pier 2 at the Port of Davisville. The Pier, known as the “workhorse” of Davisville, handles all incoming heavy cargo including automobiles, wind turbine components, as well as any sea shipments for the Park’s companies. Pier 2 construction is on pace to be completed in early 2020, and will enable the Port to continue its record-breaking auto import business while positioning Quonset as a future leader in the wind energy industry.

Now, we are on to Pier 1. Rhode Island’s Congressional Delegation of Senator Jack Reed, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Congressman Jim Langevin and Congressman David Cicilline recently submitted a joint letter of in support of Davisville’s application for a Port Infrastructure Development Program grant to rehabilitate Pier 1. The 1,200 foot, 7 acre Pier 1, built by the U.S. Navy in 1943, will soon need a substantial upgrade to meet the demands of increased commercial activity at the Port. Funding from the MARAD grant would allow for a full replacement of 950 feet of Pier 1, doubling its load rating capacity, increasing its resiliency, and extending its life by 50 years.

The continued support of our federal delegation has been key to maintaining and enhancing the Park’s modern infrastructure that supports a dynamic group of companies.
“With Pier 2 rehabilitation well underway, we will do what’s necessary to build on our success at Davisville,” said QDC Managing Director Steven King. “That means turning our attention to Pier 1.”
Quonset Welcomes Goods iQ, the Park's
Newest Innovative Company
Amax Incorporated, a global leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of office, academic and industrial goods recently announced that their new headquarters will be at Quonset Business Park. They also unveiled a new corporate identity, Goods iQ. The new headquarters at Quonset is designed to be a collaborative environment that supports the incubation and acceleration of new products like furniture, lighting and supplies and new ideas.
“Quonset Business Park is an ideal location for companies to expand,” said QDC Managing Director Steven King. “We are excited to see Goods iQ establish its new brand in Rhode Island and realize all the benefits of calling Quonset home.”

“Over the last decade, we’ve been fortunate to watch our company grow exponentially both organically and through strategic acquisitions,” said Gary Blanchette, President at Goods iQ. “We needed a new space and identity that reflected the evolution our company has undergone through the years and would support us in our future endeavors to drive expansion and attract elite talent.”
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