New Digital Media Arts Website: Utah Education Network is launching a Digital Media Arts Education website for K-12 teachers. The website will feature teacher resources, learning opportunities and student competitions. Partners include the Utah State Board of Education, Spyhop and the Utah Film Center.
Registration for summer PD courses is open. Enjoy updated titles and courses with new templates and design. Register early - classes fill quickly.
Eduroam can be anywhere
Eduroam is simple to use. With one credential from your home educational institution you can access the internet from any site that eduroam is active.
  • UEN PD Partner Spotlight: Empower your students to express their creativity with Adobe’s Creative Suite. Utah has a statewide agreement with Adobe to provide their world-class creativity tools.
  • Research Quest: Students tackle scientific mysteries by analyzing evidence and developing their own theories on this interactive website from the Natural History Museum of Utah. 
  • National Library Week: "Welcome to Your Library" is this year's theme for National Library Week, April 19-25. The American Library Association wants everyone to know that libraries extend beyond the walls of a building.
  • Earth Day: UEN's Earth Day page will help you prepare students for the celebration on April 22. On that Thursday, the University of Utah will hold Artivism for Earth. Other events are planned in Salt Lake City and other communities.
  • National Park Week: Find lesson plans, interactives and more on Utah's five national parks to celebrate some of the nation’s most special places April 17-25. 
  • National Financial Literacy Month: The Utah State Board of Education and UEN promote financial literacy by assembling resources at
  • Great Utah ShakeOut: Last year's 5.7 magnitude earthquake provided a reminder that Utahns need to be vigilant about preparing for the next quake. On April 16, Utahns can practice earthquake readiness.
Career Education
  • Beating the Odds: Three former foster kids make it to college, but what’s next? Join them as they speak with others who overcame hardships to forge successful careers. Watch on UEN-TV April 28 at 2 p.m.

  • STEM Specialists Wanted: AmeriCorps seeks specialists 18 and older to facilitate STEM activities at afterschool programs in the greater Salt Lake area. Apply here and/or log onto the webinar on April 6.
Digital Security Tip:

Software Updates: Keep your software up to date. Hardware and software providers are constantly updating their systems to combat security problems. To stay safe, learn how your most critical devices manage updates, and ensure those updates happen frequently. 
This is process, called system patching, is important for devices such as computers, phones, tablets and web devices.
Health & Wellness on UEN-TV

  • Power Over Parkinson’s Part 1 and Part 2: Learn how people are taking control of Parkinson’s through surprisingly easy ways in Part 1, April 23 at 8:30 p.m. Discover new approaches to managing the condition in Part 2 on April 30 at 8:30 p.m
UEN-TV Channel 9.1 Highlights
Let's Learn is an educational public television series for children ages 3 to 8, featuring lessons by educators, STEM specialists, teaching artists, and others. A library of 130 one-hour programs include instruction in literacy, math, science, social studies and the arts to supplement at-home learning. Check out more UEN Early Childhood Resources. Weekdays at noon on UEN-TV.
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“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”
Rainer Maria Rilke