Jesus said: “My sheep hear my voice.” Jn 10:27-30
Rita was recalling a time when she was sorely tempted toward revenge.  A person at work had hurt her and now it was within her power to turn the tables. She found out something about this co-worker that would have deeply embarrassed the woman, and Rita savored the possibility of spreading the news.
Suddenly as she pondered her revenge, Rita heard her grandmother’s voice. Her grandmother, Victoria, had been her spiritual hero. She was kind and loving to all.  Rita always admired her for her goodness and inner strength. Even though Victoria had died years ago, Rita often heard her words echoing in her heart. Today she heard, “Revenge splashes on everyone—including the one who dishes it out.”  It made Rita pause, and she reconsidered.  Reluctantly, she concluded that the right thing to do was to just keep quiet and let this chance for sweet revenge pass by.
We all hear voices in our heads. Some people even call those voices: the “committee.” We are influenced by the voices we hear. Parents hope their children will hear their parental voices speaking to their consciences loud and clear when they’re tempted to take crazy chances or stray from the right path. May all who struggle know the power and reassurance of Jesus’ voice: “My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”  
With all the noise going on in the world, it takes a consistent and determined effort to hear the voice of Jesus. Try beginning your morning with this prayer: “Jesus, help me to hear your voice.”  Then take a moment to be silent, just a moment will do. Sit or stand in that moment and listen. “My sheep hear my voice,” is not just a statement, it’s a pledge!

Fr. Don


Blessings for all Mother's at all the Masses this weekend.
Our May Crowning Devotion will be on Mother's Day at NOON. All are invited to attend.

Our Respect for Life Ministry will kick off their Baby Bottle Campaign on Mother's Day and it will run through June 19th (Father's Day.) Baby Bottles will be available for you to pick up and fill with your loose change. All proceeds benefit the St. Lad's Knights of Columbus Ultrasound Initiative.

Dinner Show will be on Saturday, May 14th starting at 7:00pm. Show features Michael Carulucci "The Man of a Thousand Voices." Deadline for tickets is Monday, May 9th. Click below to purchase online or in the parish office.