We're not like the other drone shows out there. 

Our agenda is designed to educate our attendees on all things UAS Traffic Management, and only UAS Traffic Management. With over 24 hours of education, including a private tour of an FAA-designated UAS test site and large UAS demonstrations, eight breakout sessions tailored to your unique interests, and access to leaders in the field, 
UTM Convention 2016 is the drone only show you need this fall.

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Collaborating for UTM: How NASA and FAA Are Working Together 

Dr. Parimal Kopardekar, NASA

Wed., Nov. 9:  9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Join us as we kick off UTM 2016 with a panel discussion with officials from NASA and the FAA as they engage in an in-depth, high-level conversation on current and future UTM capabilities, challenges, and needs affecting the integration of UAS into the low-altitude airspace environment.

NUSTAR: Concept, Overall Plan, Current Capability, and Next Steps

Moderator: J ohn Cavolowsky, NASA

Thurs., Nov. 19: 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM

There are many manufacturers, domestic and international, developing and producing unmanned aerial/aircraft systems (UAS). However, to date, there are no standardized performance requirements or facilities to validate the performance of these systems. National UAS Standardized Testing and Rating (NUSTAR) is a bold endeavor that takes on this challenge. One of the main NUSTAR objectives is for the UAS industry to take a responsible and proactive stance of initiating and leading the development of performance benchmarking standards.

Like the drone industry itself, our agenda is evolving to meet your unique needs. See the latest here!

Here's a sampling of what else you can expect:

UTM Command and Control and Vehicle Tracking: Spectrum Considerations * International Approaches for UTM and Vehicle Assurance * Counter-UAS Concepts and Technologies * Future of Industry Innovation to Enable UTM * Low Altitude Weather Monitoring for UTM Operations * Update from the FAA COE: What Does Research Tell Us Thus Far?
Welcome to the future.

Griffiss International Airport, NUAIR, and Lockheed Martin are pleased to host an open house and tour of their facility as part of UTM Convention 2016.

Unmanned Aerial Firefighting at New York Test Site

Griffiss International Airport, in partnership with Lockheed Martin and NUAIR, will provide a UAS demonstration of multiple large and small UAS that are currently used in firefighting and personnel search/extraction events.  Flight demonstrations will include the Indago quadcopter and Desert Hawk III fixed wing UAVs and optionally piloted versions of the K-MAX and S-76, both full scale helicopters.  

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Don't Let California Ground Your Drone

Governor Jerry Brown may soon seal the fate of the drone industry in California. AB 2724 is a VERY SERIOUS THREAT TO THE INDUSTRY. The bill ignores recent FAA drone rules and will lead to state-specific no fly zones. California is attempting to regulate the national airspace.  

The bill is on the Governor's desk. Brown may take action on the bill today or tomorrow so it is crucial that you send a letter ASAP. Read Doug Johnson's CTA letter to Gov. Brown in order to get more specifics about the bill. This is important and the bill is a serious threat. 

Send a letter to: The Honorable Edward G. Brown Jr. Governor, State of California State Capitol, Rm 1173 Sacramento, CA 95814

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