indigenous wishes you peace
Jan Carson
Leaf mobiles by Jan Carson - soon to be a Cincinnati artist + resident!

the indigenous leaflet ~ March  2020, update    


This is REALLY not the news we wish to be sharing today, on the Equinox of Spring, but the time has come. 

indigenous craft gallery  will be TEMPORARILY closing due the Covid pandemic. 

Don Drumm
NEW collection of Don Drumm wall sculptures
Our last day open will be Friday, March 20th on the very first day of spring. The gallery will be closed until further notice.

This is a heart-wrenching decision as we were doing our best to be optimistic and be part of the community, offering a bit of hope & creativity that we all need during these  challenging times.

We intend to remain hopeful as we wish everyone to do the same! Maybe, just maybe we will all be back to some semblance of natural, normal daily life sooner than later - and appreciate it even more! Since there seems to be frequent changes associated with the pandemic, modifications on government protocol and policies, we will reassess our "not open" status daily.

Please, please, please follow us on social media as we will continue to update and will be embarrassingly excited to announce our re-opening! We have received a myriad of creative new works and fresh collections in the last few weeks and we really want to share them with you!

Stay healthy, stay creative, find peace and prepare for many more happy times ahead. 

The leaves will be lush & green and the flowers will still bloom.

We wish you all the best until we see you again!

Ps - we will be at indigenous next week, March 23, 25, 26, & 27 wrapping up the month as usual and tackling a full cleaning and disinfecting of a zillion big and little things.  We can run a gift certificate out to your car or mail directly to the recipient, gift wrapped and everything! If you need something, please call us - 513.321.3750

when life resumes ~

Artful events on the calendar:
April 17 - Amy Greely 
J ewelry Trunk Show during Walk on Woodburn neighborhood event.

May 2 - Katie Swartz 
Trunk Show & Demo of her darling clay works & fiber arts 
~Same day as the annual Spring Pottery Fair by the Clay Alliance just a block away. 

Fresh arrivals already at indigenous:
Faryn Davis
Faryn Davis captures the light
Nick Delmatto  g emstone-inspired art glass
Jan Carson soothing silk leaf mobiles
Janet Tobler colorful, creative clay works
Ryan Durbin handsome, sleek black pottery
Don Drumm organic, nature-inspired wall sculptures
Rena Hopkins delightful array of spring jewelry
Amy Elswick  dynamic group of pottery + clay works
Nora Swanson richly patinated jewelry
Faryn Davis ethereal jewelry, finely detailed scenes of nature
Karen Trimble-Shell classic, colorful line of silver sparkle jewelry
Michael Macone new garden tiles, quote plaques and springy mood lamps
Heather Grandmont eclectic & cool sterling silver jewelry and charms
Shandi McConnell cute-as-can-be birdbath dishes and magnetic wall vases
Laura Bosse & Cat Zurchin dazzling fused glass jewelry
Larry Mack creative garden arts and saw tree sculptures 

New deliveries already in the works from:
Susan Abramovitz, Sam Hitchman, Jill Henrietta Davis, Laura & Scot Kellersberger, Elise Jens, Elizabeth Keith, John Matz, Deb Chenault, Beth Cunningham, Sarah & Thomas Gelsanliter, B Skinner, Celeste Sheets,  and a spring time feature for tile artists , Soozee Van Dyke Woods & Tracy Chamberlain of Ramona Paloma Tiles!

looking forward to the good times ~ 

indigenous craft gallery

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