How are your Resolutions going so far?
From the bottom of our hearts and wings, we wish you health, happiness, and healing in 2016!

It's not too late to set your Intentions for 2016 or put them into action!  If you're looking for some extra encouragement, join William Ward for his Peaceful Mind Sound Therapy Concert tonight Thursday 1/7/16 6:30-8pm or call to register for any of the following: 
New Year's Intentions Workshop with Peggy Sealfon
THIS Saturday January 9, 2016, 9:30-11am
(A Very Special January Inner Spa Day for the Mind!)
More details below...Pre-Registration Required...Please call to register (239) 325-9210. 
**No cost for Frequent Flyer Members!

Upcoming 8 Week Groups:


~ WEIGHT RELEASE with Anna Noble, LMFT

~ WELLNESS FOR MEN with William Ward


with Jill Emmerich, BCaBA

Monthly Groups and Workshops:
**No cost for Frequent Flyer Members!
 with Mary Ann Whalen, LCSW and Michelle Falco, RYT, Certified Holistic Nutritionist
with Phoebe Houghton, LCSW and Integrative Wellness Team
~ RECOVERY YOGA with Michelle Falco, RYT, Y12SR Leader
~ FREE TO LAUGH with Jill Emmerich, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Michelle Falco, RYT
~ MINDFUL PARENTS with Jill Emmerich, BCaBA
~ COMMUNITY WELLNESS with community friends coming soon
Candlelight Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety Relief, Beach Yoga, Qi-Gong & more!  Included with Frequent Flyer Memberships
(with the exception of 8 week groups).
All of us at Monarch Wellness wish you all the success with your 2016 intentions. 
We want to thank you for inviting us along your journey thus far.   We appreciate your loyalty and support in 2015 and hope to see you again in 2016!  
Monarch Wellness
843 Myrtle Terrace, Naples  (239) 325-9210