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May 2021
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Notable Notes

...Strategy without tactics is the slowest way to succeed. Tactics without strategy is the noise before failure." - Sun Tzu
…“Most new jobs won't come from our biggest employers. They will come from our smallest. We've got to do everything we can to make entrepreneurial dreams a reality.” - Ross Perot
Economic Research: U.S. Real-Time Data: Poised To Spring ...

Since our last real-time economic data report (see "U.S. Real-Time Data: A Weaker February Likely Offset A Better-Than-Expected January," published Feb. 26), coronavirus cases continued to fall midway through March and have since edged up again,...

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2021 Credit Card Debt Statistics

Americans have an absolute mountain of credit card debt in 2021. But exactly how much credit card debt do they have? That's one of the big questions we'll answer on this page, which is devoted to tracking Americans' credit card use each month.

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Texas No. 1 state for business for 17th year in a row,...

It seems many CEOs are able to look past Texas' recent winter storm, which caused massive headaches for some businesses, because the state's low taxes and robust talent pool are just too good to pass up. On Wednesday, Texas topped Chief...

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M&A activity has spiked 94%-and this investment bank CEO ...

"It's as robust a market as I've seen in 10 years," says PJ Solomon CEO Marc Cooper.

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Pandemic cash buildup leaves American companies well...

Corporate America has money to burn in 2021 as companies that tapped credit markets in 2020 now have more cash on hand than they had before the pandemic. For investment-grade rated companies, the median cash ratio, a closely watched measure of...

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Blackstone posts highest profit yet, powered by...

Since Blackstone launched in 1985 with $400,000 in seed money, the asset manager has expanded from traditional buyouts to the credit markets, real estate and more. But on Thursday, those strategies were upstaged by wins from Blackstone's more...

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