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Summertime 2020...One We'd All Like To Forget
The summer of 2020 is certainly not what we envisioned. We long for summers past when heat waves were our biggest challenge. Document signing during the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly not been easy, but we are continuously impressed by the creative ways and success stories that notaries across the country are reporting.

We encourage you to hang in there (insert adorable kitten hanging from a tree picture:), protect yourself and continue to stay safe. Notary Jane is here to help and support as you continue to provide the essential and valuable service in your role as a notary.
Is there an "app for that?"
You bet. And we've sourced the best ones to support your notary business.

Must-Have Apps

Document Scanning Apps
I n a hurry and you’re working with a few pages and need a quick substitute for a traditional scanner? It's super easy to use your smartphone to scan documents.

On an iPhone, for example, you can start by creating a new note in the Notes app, and then open the camera to scan. Here's how .

Would you prefer downloading an app? There are hundreds of apps available on the Android and Apple stores to choose from.

PDF Scanner
Sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day, get efficient with a PDF Scanner on your smartphone. You can open any pdf document and even potentially print it with the same ease of the computer.

This app is good for safety purposes, particularly if you are entering someones home. This app allows you to share your exact location on a map, as well as tracking your driving speed, route, phone battery level, and schedule of travel.

Because of the sensitive nature of this info, it is important to only include those who should truly know your whereabouts. However, this app allows you to have an extra level of safety and accountability in place for your signings.
Notaries In Action During COVID-19
If you're like Javier Grigsby of Phoenix, you're completing signings and following safety protocols. We know there are many of you who are doing exactly this and doing it very well while staying safe.

Take a photo and tag @NotaryJane of a signing (before, during, or after) and we'll share on our social media channels and as a thank you, you'll receive a complimentary Notary Jane membership.
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Meet Katherine!

LOCATION: College Station, TX



AREAS Of FOCUS: Loan Signings, Debt Settlement Signings, and General Notarizations

FUN FACT: Katherine proudly offers Remote Online Notarization in Texas!
Meet Angela!

LOCATION: Altadena, CA



AREAS Of FOCUS: Loan Signings, Debt Settlement Signings, and General Notarizations

FUN FACT: Anglea is a former flight attendant and found great pleasure in the experience she gained through her travels. In addition to being a wonderful notary, she is also studying to be a nurse and enjoys breaking a sweat through boot camp training.
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