Note From EAI Chair
Dear EAI Fellows,

Thank you for your thoughtful participation at January’s body meeting. We apologize that time did not permit us to hear from any EAI member with a raised hand, who had an amendment or edit to offer. If your raised hand was not chosen and you had intended to make a specific amendment or edit at last Sunday’s meeting, please send your suggested amendment or edit in writing to Evelyn, EAI Bylaws Committee Chair, at before Wednesday, January 27, 2021. Although EAI is no longer able to make amendments to these Main Motions, the EAI Bylaws Committee and motion makers would benefit from hearing your ideas on wording. We want to reassure you that if any of these Main Motions are voted to have substantial merit to be discussed by the World Service Conference, there will be opportunities for amendments at the WSI level. Fellows with at least two years of continuous abstinence in FA, who were committed to a meeting affiliated with EAI or its chapter prior to Covid-19, and who are registered to vote will be able to vote on each motion at the EAI Body Meeting on February 7, 2021 at 9am EST. The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday, January 26, 2021.
We want to invite everyone to join in the upcoming EAI Conference Calls. We will continue to discuss the presented Main Motions. These calls are open to any FA member, they will last 1 hour in length and EAI members with at least 2 years of abstinence will have a voice.

In Service,

Christine W., EAI Chair

Motion Discussion Conference Calls:
  • Saturday, January 23: 4pm-5pm EST
  • Sunday, January 24: 8am-9am EST

Meeting ID: 847 548 759
Passcode: 2020
For AUDIO ONLY, use your phone to dial 646-558-8656 (US) or click here to find your local phone number.
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