"Then I will praise God’s
name with singing,
and I will honor him
with Thanksgiving."
Psalms 69:30 (NLT)
November 2017
As we enter this month, giving thanks to our good and faithful God, I wanted to make you aware of our approach to our tried and true tradition. Around this time of year, we’ve challenged each other to not go crazy with gift giving. The simple challenge is to spend less on ourselves, to give more to people in need, showing our love for the vulnerable and keeping the focus on Christ – God’s indescribable gift! 

Our Thanksgiving Offering will continue that tradition same tradition, new name . The Thankskgiving Offering will take place the weekend of November 18/19 in-service instead of December. You can always give online through November 26.

As always, 100% of this offering will go outside the walls of our church, to help kids, families and communities that are vulnerable. This year’s projects include our partners in Rwanda, Haiti, Liberia, Honduras, New Orleans, Pine Ridge and Dane County. To learn more about our partners, click here .

My Thanksgiving challenge: During this month, I encourage you to write down three things that you are thankful for every day and have one of them be a characteristic of God. Next, figure out what it looks like to spend less this Christmas that you might give more to people in need.

Together for Christ,
P.S. Daylight Saving Time this weekend - remember to turn your clocks back!