Notes From Home
This is Choices' first e- newsletter and we are excited to share news, upcoming events, and how you can get involved with our agency. Updates will be coming every two months. Thanks for your interest and support!
New Mission Statement
Beth Hedges, Executive Director

"Choices, Inc. is creating a Place to Call Home built on Hope, Opportunity, Motivation, and Empowerment."

This is our new mission statement which incorporates what we have been about for 20 years.

In 1996, when we opened Norma's House, we envisioned comfortable long-term housing for single women working to get their lives back on track as they sought recovery from mental illness, substance abuse, and the ravages of domestic violence. With the support and guidance of Choices' single staff member, five women ate together, laughed together, cried together, and began rebuilding their lives.These five strong women told our board that what the community needed was the same kind of program focused on families.

So, the board went to work to build another house, and with the support of numerous community partners and a generous gift from Rob and Donna Toney, we opened The Marijane Toney House in 2000.  Then we were able to provide a place to call home for families battling the factors of homelessness as they sought to keep their family intact. 

Over the years, we've added two additional houses and throughout our 20 years of service our single women and families have had the opportunity to make the space their own, while experiencing the joys and challenges of community living.  We provide not only physical space, but the space for hope to take root; opportunities to gain new skills; the motivation to do something different; and throughout their time with us, our residents realize they are empowered to recreate their lives.  We invite you to help create this place to call home.
Choices Welcomes New Board Members

We are very pleased to welcome three new board members to the agency.  Ken Calebs, Diane Haag, and Denise Saxton, all joined the board in June of 2016 and they will serve until 2019.  Ken is a Senior Project Manager for C&I Engineering, and brings finance and business experience to the board.  Diane Haag is an Attorney with The Law Office of Diane Haag and she focuses on nonprofits as a part of her practice.  Denise Saxton is a Regional Dental Consultant for Affordable Care, Inc., and she also brings many financial and accounting skills to the agency. 
Upcoming Events

In the last three months we have had events sponsored by  Sister Dragonfly, J'Harrods and  Eiderdown that have raised $950 for our mission.  We are so thankful to these community partners who show their support by opening their doors to fans of Choices. 

If you missed those events you have two opportunities to come out and support Choices when 20% of all proceeds will be donated to our mission:

All Day AUGUST 2nd


All Day SEPTEMBER 27th



Choices, Inc. is excited to be a part of the biggest day of local giving!
#GiveLocalLou, hosted by  @CFLouisville
is going to be an amazing day for us and the greater Louisville community! 
Mark your calendars for  September 15 !!

How We Support Our Residents
Amy Kalber, Case Manager

Here at Choices our goal is to provide supportive services through case management along with housing to prevent each resident from re-experiencing homelessness.

In partnership with the resident, we tailor individual service plans to address their particular needs.  All residents have similar broad goals, such as maintaining their housing, increasing their skills and/or income, and working on self-determination and personal growth, but often the similarities end there. After assessing their largest obstacles, we focus on eliminating their individual barriers and focus on issues like: budgeting, child care, eliminating debt, enrolling in school/GED courses, managing medications and/or mental health care, exercising, finding adequate health providers, providing transportation, obtaining counseling for trauma, etc. Regardless of the issues, the resident and the case manager meet every week to monitor progress and work hard as a team to improve self-sufficiency.

We are fortunate to have space in our program for five families and three individuals and currently we are nearly full. This month two new families will be moving into our last two available units.  We will work closely with our new residents to help them accomplish their goals as we continue to work with those we already house.  We are always happy to welcome new families to our program.
Become a "Norma's Neighbor" or a "Choices' Champion" 

Join a unique club and become one of our  "Norma's Neighbors" or a  "Choices' Champion."
To become a Norma's Neighbor we ask that you donate $120-$300+ per year. This category is named in honor of Norma Owens, who is also the namesake of Choices' first house. To celebrate the retirement of Norma and Bob Owens, in-laws of our first Board Chair Rev. Cindy Weber, a gift was given to purchase the house. 
To become a Choices' Champion we ask that you donate $1,000+ per year. This category is for those donors who can make a larger commitment to offer hope, opportunity, motivation, and empowerment to the residents we serve.
We put your donations to good use:
  • We spend $21,358 per year serving each family
  • We spend $4,400 per year serving each single adult
  • We spend $13,770 per year on operations, including programming and administration
With your support we can continue these needed services.  Simply go to our donation page to make you contribution: 
Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Amy Kalber, Case Manager

We want to give special to thanks to Portland Memorial Missionary Baptist Church. The Women's Ministry reached out to Choices and supplied our residents with some much-needed pampering items, including thoughtful gifts like Bath and Body Works products and clothing. In addition to material items, they have offered to work with us and form relationships with our residents through events and invitations in the hopes of providing some empowerment and support.  We look forward to our ongoing relationship. 
Wish List
  • New or gently used twin sheets and comforters
  • New bed pillows
  • Twin and full size mattress pads
  • Digital TV boxes
  • New or gently used bath towels, wash cloths, and hand towels
  • Kitchen sized garbage bags
  • Laundry detergent
  • Dishwashing liquid
Contact us to make arrangements for donations - (502)585-3780 
Choices, Inc. | (502) 585-3780|