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May 2017  
Teams in all six Creative Zones are up and running.
Final Zone Team to Launch

Creative sector leaders from Addison and Rutland counties will gather in early June for the inaugural meeting of their zone's Leadership Team. The Addison/Rutland Team is empowered to explore opportunities to advance an agenda in western Vermont.
The Addison/Rutland Team, like those in the five other creative zones, will be supported by the Network Steering Team as well as by the Vermont Arts Council, in its role as network facilitator. Future work plans will align with the Network's Action Roadmap: Communication, Education, Funding, Leadership, Technical Resources, and Visibility.
Initial members of the team are:
  • Ludy Biddle, NeighborWorks of Western Vermont, Rutland
  • Sadie Brightman, Middlebury Community Music Center, Middlebury
  • Melissa Chesnut-Tangerman, Theater in the Woods, Middletown Springs
  • David Hohenschau, Community Workshop, Middlebury
  • Shannon Kennelly, NeighborWorks of Western Vermont, Rutland
  • Sophie Pickens, Northern Daughters, Vergennes
  • Su Shannon, Su Chi Pottery, Pittsford
  • Kevin Unrath, Ilsley Public Library, Middlebury
Selecting a Zone Agent to join the Steering Team, determining the optimum team size, and beginning a regional assets exploration are the first items on the agenda.
This team's start-up means the Creative Network is fully established - six Creative Zone Teams,  a Steering Team, and a backbone structure.
Mark your calendar now!
Save the Dates

The second Vermont Creative Network Summit is planned for Thursday and Friday, November 8 and 9 in Montpelier. We have been warmly welcomed to the State House and - unless the legislature is called to the building - we have reliable access.
Watch for more information as the dates approach.
In 2015, the inaugural Network Summit brought 200 people to Vermont College of Fine Arts. Workshops, case studies, networking opportunities, and guest speakers unified Network members for two days. The Network convenes a statewide Summit every two years. In alternate years, the Network hosts a gathering specifically for the Steering Team and Leadership Teams of the six Creative Zones.

Vermont Town Plans and the Creative Sector
Including the arts, culture, creativity, and innovation in Vermont town plans would be one sure way to move the creative sector toward the heart of Vermont communities. But, which Vermont town plans speak to these elements? Is there consistency in the way language is used?
The Network recently commissioned Claire Wheeler of Montpelier to explore those questions. She surveyed Vermont's 251 town plans for specific inclusion of the arts, culture, creativity, and innovation (ACCI). Some highlights:
  • Close to 10% of Vermont's town plans have a section or chapter in which some aspect of ACCI plays significantly
  • Almost 50% of town plans include words readily associated with Vermont's creative sector
  • 104 town plans mention the arts, culture, creativity, or innovation using either single words or words in conjunction with others (cultural industry, cultural environments, or the popular phrase: creative economy)
The Steering Team has explored ways this baseline data could assist town planners and select boards. Towns learn from one another. Might the Network provide language templates? The Network plans to work with the Regional Planning Commissions.

The Network Steering Team will review the report at its June meeting; a full accounting will appear with the July edition of Notes From Outside the Box.

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