St. Francis of Assisi
Notes and Reminders
November 7, 2019
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Sunday, November 10, 2019
On Sunday, November 10 , we will honor Veterans’ Day at St. Francis by placing small flags on the gravesites of veterans interred in the Memorial Gardens.

Dreaming Dreams and Seeing Visions 
This week, after each service, we will be discussing and identifying the Anglican spiritualities and temperaments that best describe St. Francis.
The Anglican spiritualities are liturgical/biblical, communal, sacramental, incarnational, mystical
The Anglican temperaments are comprehensive, ambiguous, open-minded, intuitive, aesthetic, moderate, naturalistic and political.
I will provide more explanation about these terms during the sessions, and then, we will all be invited to choose the terms that best describe St. Francis as it currently is, and as we aspire for it.
I look forward to your participation and feedback.
The Rev. Brendan J. Barnicle
Parish Cycle of Prayer
In our Parish Cycle of Prayer, we pray for our clergy: Brendan, Christine and Ken. We also pray for the households of Charla Dent, Nancy Dewey, Carla Dimick and Betty Dixon.
Sunday School, 10:30 am in the Parish Hall

The Church Office will be closed on Monday, November 11 for Veterans Day
Announcements  ~ Activities ~  Ministries
Welcoming the Stranger
Next Saturday, November 16, the Diocese is offering a workshop on welcoming immigrants
and refugees. The workshop will be in our parish hall from 10 am to 2 pm. Lunch is included
and all are welcome. You can find more information and register through the Diocesan website,

Organ Fund
We will still happily receive gifts to support our new organ. We have borrowed $75,000 from the diocese to finance the organ, and any additional donations for the organ will be applied to additional organ costs and to the principal of our loan.
It’s Not Too Late to Support our 20/20 Vision for St. Francis!
The Stewardship Ministry is happy to report that following our festive Oktoberfest celebration last weekend, we received 74 pledges in the amount of $258,606  in support of our 20/20 Vision for St. Francis Parish, which includes six new pledges!
While gratifying, we still need additional pledges to support our desire to grow and expand our ministries as we begin the next 40 years of St. Francis Ministries to our local community and the world beyond.
If you have not yet submitted a pledge card to help fund our future, it is not too late! We welcome your commitment to growing our future. You can pledge your commitment to our growth by completing a pledge card (available at the Information Center in the narthex) or by sending an email with your commitment to our future to: .
God our Father, God our Redeemer and God our Sustainer has truly blessed St. Francis in our first 40 years and, with your support, we can generously continue and expand His work in our world in the future! Gratefully, Terri Hoffmann, Doug Horton, Mary Kirk, Richard Martens, Stephen Shaw and The Reverend Brendan Barnicle.
Thanksgiving is coming!
And as we ask God to help us love our neighbors, we are reminded that we can help others enjoy and give thanks for this holiday. The Mission, Discipleship, and Evangelism committee needs your help to successfully provide food for people in our community who otherwise would not have enough. We have heard some say that it is wonderful to have enough food to make a real homemade Thanksgiving dinner! So, please help us provide that as we as a church have for over twelve years.
Here’s how you can help between 35 and 40 families:
· Donate food items – check the insert in the bulletin or look on the narthex table for
a shopping list.
· Bring medium size sturdy solid boxes in which we can pack food; we need about
thirty five.
· Sign up to be a driver – There is a sign-up sheet is on a clipboard at the information
center and deliver food to families on Sunday, November 24. We need 15 to 20 people
for this. Make sure you pick up driver instructions from the next to the sign-up sheet at
the information center.
· Help unpack groceries on Friday afternoon, November 22 (two people)
· Pack food boxes on Saturday, November 23 at 9:30 am
· Pray for us and the people who will receive this food.
Blessings, Mary Ann Schroeder for MDE
Thanksgiving Food Boxes
Each year for over a decade we have responded to the needs of local school children and their families with generous boxes of Thanksgiving food, including holiday cooking supplies. This effort is sponsored by our church’s MDE committee (Mission, Discipleship, Evangelism).
Part of our mission as followers of Christ is to serve the poor. Last year we served 36 families consisting of 93 children and 62 adults. It is a great time to focus our hearts in this way on building up the body of Christ.
Please shop for items on the food list and you can bring to church for our families.
The MDE Committee
Share Thanksgiving with Others in 2019
 Please bring food items to church by Sunday, November 17
or to the church office by Wednesday, November 20.
  Choose from the following list of items needed:
Canned peas
Canned corn
Canned green beans
Large cans of pumpkin pie filling
Canned cranberry sauce
Sugar (5 lb. package)
Flour (5 lb. package)
Packaged stuffing mix
Sweet and dill pickles
Smarty Tangerines
$ donation to help cover meat and other food cost.
Other ways to help
(sign up at Information Center in the Narthex)
 Pack food boxes - Saturday, November 23. It’s fun!
Deliver food boxes to families - Sunday, November 24.
Food brought after November 20, 2019 is given to the Wilsonville Food Bank.
Food brought Sunday, November 24 will be placed in the container for Wilsonville
Food Bank.
Book Group
We will be reading Hannah Whitall Smith: Recovering the Joy of Service on
November 14.
 We will meet next on December 13. 
Questions: Sandi Thompson,
Ladies Lunch Out
Third Mondays
 Monday, November 18, 11:45 am
Location this month:
TBA: Abella Italian Kitchen
Coordinator: Peggy Danford
Guys Nite Out
Thursday, November 7, 5:45 pm
Gals Nite Out
Thursday, November 7, 5:45 pm
Langdon Farms
What we are about:
Two independent St. Francis social groups for enjoying each other's company and great conversation. All St. Francis men and women welcomed! Coordinators: Gary and Sandi T.
Please direct any pastoral care questions or emergencies to Father Brendan by calling the office at 503-678-5422 or Deacon Ken Russell at 503-887-5587.

Prayer Chain
Do you have an urgent need for prayer, or do you know someone who is in need of prayer? Simply call 503-263-1509 or go to , PRAYER CHAIN, and give your first name and prayer concern. Your request will be kept confidential and will be passed on to a chain of parish intercessors who will pray on your behalf. You may also use the Welcome Card in the pews, stating your request.
Ministry Assignments for Sunday, November 10, 2019
The Reverend Brendan Barnicle
The Reverend Kenneth P. Russell
 8:00 am: Christopher Onstad, Katharine Epstein
10:30 am: John Wisecaver, Heather Holland
 8:00 am: Peggy Danford
10:30 am: Doug Horton, John Wisecaver
 8:00 am: Jennifer Leskovec
10:30 am: Mary Ann Schroeder
 8:00 am: Ron and Sue Coleman
10:30 am: Maxine Lehl, Jean Scrugham
Ed and Marianne Burnside
Gay Kuykendall, Traci Cronkrite, Manya Frazier
Jan Boyd, Victoria vonTagen
Raula Robke
Linda Hammersley, Janice Parker
Dr. Jon B. Holland
 8:00 am: Peggy Danford, Paula Robke and the Caring Committee
10:30 am: Caring Committee
The Episcopal Church
Diocese of Oregon