St. Francis of Assisi
Notes and Reminders
October 3, 2019
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Sunday, October 6, 2019
Parish Cycle of Prayer
In our Parish Cycle of Prayer, we pray for our clergy: Brendan, Christine, and Ken. We also pray for our Lectors and for the households of Judy Bruce, Marcia Burdon, Ed and Marianne
Burnside and Nancy Cameron.
St. Francis Day, Sunday, October 6
St. Francis will be celebrating the feast day of our patron saint, St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis saw in all creation--animals, plants, stars, people—the beautiful evidence of God’s handiwork. We are so honored to share in the name of this beloved saint, and we all continually strive to be worthy of his name. On this day people are invited to bring their animals to church for a personal blessing during the service. It is both a fun, and yet very moving experience to have your little dog, cat, turtle or parakeet blessed and honored.
The open plate that day goes to the Clackamas Animal Shelter.
There will be a bouncy house on the front lawn for children to play in all morning.
Bouncy House!
We will have Bouncy Houses on the front lawn for our St. Francis Day celebration. Very important, though, that we have members of the church present at all times the houses are being used. There are sign up sheets for each day on the information desk.

Adult Formation resumes October 13 with a series about the Trinity, that most mysterious of subjects. Please join Brendan, Ken and Terri at 9:15 am Sunday mornings for conversation and coffee in the conference room of Cummins Hall!
They will not meet Sunday, October 6 , then resume for the rest of October.
Announcements  ~ Activities ~  Ministries
Our stewardship campaign this year coincides with important milestones in the life of our parish. We have just celebrated our 40 th anniversary and have welcomed a new Rector. In our search for a new Rector we were guided by the clear message from our members that they wanted a leader that could take us to new heights in service and outreach to our community. We are asking for your help to ensure that we have the funds available to take us to this new level. Our finance committee has projected that we will need an additional 25% in pledge income in 2020 to meet our needs. We are blessed to have so many members who are faithful with their pledges. If you currently pledge, we hope you will prayerfully consider your ability to increase your pledge for 2020. If you do not currently pledge, we ask that you prayerfully consider doing so. We currently have over 80 pledges with a goal to increase that to over 100 in 2020. Please join us as we begin our next 40 years.

Bible Study
Beginning on Wednesday, October 9 there will be a "Propers" class meeting on the second Wednesday of each month at 7 o'clock in the library. A "Propers" class looks at the readings for the coming Sunday. At our first meeting we will discuss frequency of our meetings as well as the time of the meeting. All are invited to come! Questions? Talk to Deacon Ken or Jeanette Munyon.

St. Francis is hiring a Sexton!
Kevin has let us know that his last day was 9/30. The Sexton maintains the appearance, cleanliness and security of the building and grounds of the church. Our pay range is $14-16/hr and generally 10 hours per week. If you are interested, please contact Rev. Brendan by October 12 .

Quarterly statements for those who pledge will be available for pick up after each service on Sunday, October 13.
Finance Ministry (Joyce Campbell, Traci Cronkrite, Sandi Thompson, Betsy Yacob) and Dale Rushton, Treasurer.
Save the date!
October 26, 4:00 pm for an October Fest Celebration, hosted by your Hospitality and Stewardship Ministries. 
Every time a bell rings…
You may have noticed that we have added bells to our Eucharist. They are called Sanctus Bells, and they were anonymously donated to St. Frances. They have a very long tradition in the Church. Historically, they have been rung to signify the moment of Christ’s Real Presence during the Eucharist. Over the centuries, the theology of Real Presence has been hotly debated, and in the Episcopal Church, we do not have one theological answer. But, we all agree that Christ is with us in the Eucharist, and the Sanctus Bells serve to remind us of that special and blessed nature of the Eucharist. Or, more practically, as my Grandmother used to say, the bells make sure that we are all awake.

Baptismal Font
You may have noticed that our baptismal font is sitting at the entrance to the church. Fr. Brendan has a strong preference for this placement, because the prayer book recommends this location. The baptism service begins at the front of the church, and then the candidates for baptism move back to the font in the middle of the service, and then, they return back to the front of the church. This movement symbolizes the way in which the community pledges to support those being baptized while they are on their journey of faith. The font is placed at the entrance to the church, because baptism is the way in which we enter the church. Because our font is mobile, we will continue to be able to move it when necessary, but generally, we will try to keep the font in its current location. Fr. Brendan is happy to discuss the theology and history of baptismal fonts with any who are interested.
Calling All Knitters
St. Francis knitters (and crocheters) have been asked to make hats for Salud Medical Center in Woodburn, which can be any color, and not collected until January 6th.
Thank you to all our talented knitters for sharing time and talent for these sweet causes.
For questions, please contact me, or 503-266-9440.
Jane Domagalski
Book Group
We will meet next on October 10.
The Book Group is reading the Book of Joy - Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu and Douglas Abrams. Come join us on the second and fourth Thursday mornings at 10:00 am in the Parish Hall Conference Room.
Questions: Sandi Thompson,
Ladies Lunch Out
Third Mondays
 Monday, October 21
11:45 am
Location this month: Filbert House
Coordinator: Peggy Danford
Guys Nite Out
Thursday, October 3, 5:45 pm
 First Thursday of the month (usually)
Langdon Farms - just in time to enjoy happy hour pricing which ends at 6:00 pm.
What we are about: Fellowship, Great conversation and Good food – a social group for the men of St. Francis. All men are welcome!
Coordinator: Gary Thompson:
Wilsonville Community Food Bank
The Wilsonville Food Bank has requested that we concentrate on selected food items: cereal, peanut butter and fresh fruit. Please bring your donated food items and place them in the small grocery cart is in the narthex near the information center. A cash donation box will also be in the grocery cart for those who would like to donate money or write a check.
Mary Ann Schroeder, 503-682-1589
Please direct any pastoral care questions or emergencies to Father Brendan by calling the office at 503-678-5422 or Deacon Ken Russell at 503-887-5587.
Ministry Assignments for Sunday, October 6, 2019
The Reverend Brendan Barnicle
The Reverend Kenneth P. Russell
 8:00 am: Deborah Fritts, Peggy Danford
10:30 am: Cindy Russell, John Meissner
 8:00 am: Peggy Danford, Steve Stevens
10:30 am: John Wisecaver, Doug Horton
 8:00 am: Jennifer Leskovec
10:30 am: Steven Hurst

Richard Martens, Jim Munyon
Ron and Sue Coleman, Apryl Garman, Jan Kester
Marianne Burnside, Heather Holland
Joyce Skogen
Linda Hammersley, Janice Parker
Dr. Jon B. Holland
 8:00 am: Peggy Danford, Paula Robke, Hospitality
10:30 am: Gaby Vaught, Hospitality 
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Diocese of Oregon