Dear Seniors and Parents of Seniors,

As we put the final touches on our graduation ceremony, I am genuinely excited about our plan! The opportunity to have a parade with teachers and staff waving for you, walking across a stage, a diploma and only having to listen to two minutes of my talking are all genuine positives. Looking forward to seeing all of you!

A few notes as we could not run through a practice as we do in other years.
  • The Green Bay Police Department will be present and have blocked Maryhill Drive between Mason and Western. Parking (one car only please) is available in the Franklin parking lot. Because of the road closings, the line should flow quite easily. You may que on Lore, but you cannot extend past the Franklin parking lot. Mr. Kriegl and a police officer will be directing traffic. The door by the chapel will be open to have access to a restroom in the event one is needed.
  • Graduates cannot drive themselves as they will need to exit the car to graduate and the car will have to keep moving after the graduate leaves the stage. The family car may be driven in front of the stage when their graduate is receiving their diploma, but we ask that only the graduate exits the car. In order to provide lighting for the photographer we need to keep the process moving efficiently.
  • As graduates enter the NDA driveway they will be met by Mrs. Yakel at the Mary Garden where they will exit the car and Fr. Christian will bless them. They will then proceed to Mr. Masarik, who will give them their diploma cover and the graduate will proceed to the stage. They will step onto the stage and Mr. Browne will be on the other end of the stage with the NDA crest in the middle. A professional picture will be taken at this time (Link to flyer for ordering information). Because we will be socially distanced and outdoors, no mask is necessary for graduates. If a student wants to wear one that is acceptable, but not required.
  • Once the graduate leaves the stage, they will be directed inside the atrium where they will receive their diploma and be directed to a photography area where they will have their picture taken for the class picture. The graduate will then exit the Maintenance Service door #20 which is along the Triton Center wall just right of the atrium. 
  • We have a plan in place in the event of inclement weather. We are carefully monitoring the situation.
  • As soon as there is a sufficient number of cars ready we will begin our ceremony even if this is slightly before 6 p.m.
I look forward to seeing everyone and celebrating the Class of 2020!


Patrick Browne