Notes for MLWS Connect Access With Two or More Siblings

If you have two or more children enrolled at Mountain Laurel School you will need to manage Google Drive logins differently depending on the number of computers you have available for their use.

There are three ways to do this.  

1) Each child has a dedicated computer:
If you have two or more computers, the simplest way is to dedicate one computer to each student, and keep them logged in to their own Google Drive accounts on their specific computer.

2) More than 1 child using a computer: Have students log in Google Drive consecutively
In order to log into the correct child's account to access their class files, you will need to login child A to Google Drive, access their files on Connect, then logout child A and login child B, access their files, etc.

3) More than 1 child using a computer: Keeping students logged in Google Drive concurrently
The third way is to have both logged in to Google Drive concurrently. In the image below you see two browser windows open to the home page. Each window is logged in to Drive with a different Google account. This will work but Google keeps a primary login, so it will default to that login when you click a link. If it defaults to the wrong login, you can manually switch logins by clicking the icon or photo of yourself in the top right corner of the browser and from the drop down choose the other login.