April 10, 2020

Dear Laurel Families,

I hope you all had some rest and quality family time this week, despite the stresses and constraints we all continue to endure because of COVID-19. During the three weeks of instruction that we completed leading up to our break, we all learned quite a bit about teaching and learning virtually. I am so proud of both our students and faculty for their hard work, but we have more to do in the coming weeks to help our students continue learning.

School begins again, this coming Monday, April 13, at 8:45 am, and classes will continue to be provided remotely as they have been in the weeks before our break, on our regular schedule of classes and times. We will be providing Speech and Occupational Therapy sessions remotely as well. The state has lifted restrictions, thus enabling Ms. Alicia and Ms. Lauren to provide their sessions online, through the Zoom online meeting platform. If your child receives OT services at Laurel School, you should have received an email from Ms. Lauren, this week, explaining how sessions will proceed. 

I would like to continue to provide a weekly Read Aloud during the next weeks for our Lower and Upper School, to support a continued sense of community among our students. I have been exploring good stories and will keep you posted about when and how this will occur. I also look forward to speaking with parents in the coming weeks, so that I can best understand how learning is happening at home and how we can continue to support our families during this time.  

During this week when many of us are celebrating religious holidays,  I hope you have time to reflect a bit about the most important things in our lives, our families and friends, our health, the world around us and our spirit. 

I wish all of you who celebrate the holidays this week, a Happy Easter and Passover. Enjoy the weekend and I will see your children in “school” Monday morning! 

Stay healthy, 
Tim Viands

Ms. Dee Rosenberg

Dr. Lorraine McKay

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