Notes from Dee
January 5, 2020
Dear Laurel Families,

Happy 2020! I hope you have all enjoyed the holidays, spending time with friends and family members. I wanted to thank all of you for the very thoughtful gifts and good wishes that you sent our way. I receive daily gifts watching the learning and relationships that grow daily at Laurel School. Your holiday gifts are above and beyond all expectations for us, and I want you to know that we appreciate and treasure all of them and the wishes they bring. 

I am eager to get back to school tomorrow, January 6, to see our students and faculty members, and hear about holiday break experiences. Getting back to school after so much fun and rest is often a bit challenging. Here are some reminders to get you back into the “groove!”

Please remember:

  • send weather appropriate clothing as we go out for recess on a daily basis. 

  • bring snacks for morning breaks 

  • send in any outstanding medical forms if you have not already done so. If you have any questions about this, please contact Alison.

  • read each Notes from Dee carefully to keep up with important information. Please note that all school communication is also posted on our website under For Current Families.

If there any updates or information for us to be aware of about your child that came up over the winter break, please email your child's homeroom teacher (faculty email addresses are below). He or she will share the information with me and others who need to know. As always, please don't hesitate to email me with any questions, concerns, or good news.

Looking forward to a great year ahead!

Faculty Email Addresses

Ms. Sharon Anderson - sanderson@laurelschoolprinceton.org
Ms. Sheryl Brown - sbrown@laurelschoolprinceton.org
Ms. Eleanor Evans - eevans@laurelschoolprinceton.org
Ms. Nancy Hammill - nhammill@laurelschoolprinceton.org
Ms. Rebecca Horner - rhorner@laureschoolprinceton.org
Dr. Lorraine McKay - lmckay@laurelschoolprinceton.org
Ms. Hope Osborn - hosborn@laurelschoolprinceton.org
Ms. Andrew Piccolo - apiccolo@laurelschoolprinceton.org
Mr. Logan Rogers - lrogers@laurelschoolprinceton.org
Ms. Alicia Wagner - awagner@laurelschoolprinceton.org
Ms. Jenn Walsh - jwalsh@laurelschoolprinceton.org