Notes from Dee
January 10, 2020
Dear Laurel Families,

We had a great first week back at Laurel! The students and faculty spent Morning Meetings talking about our intentions for the New Year. Our students and teachers discussed the ways we make promises to ourselves to do better things in the days ahead: eating healthy foods, getting along better with our siblings, following through on our promises, and achieving better skills in our academics. 
We also discussed that sometimes our intentions don’t work out; perhaps we have not had a plan in mind of how to make our intention a reality. Maybe the plan to accomplish our goal was not a good one; perhaps we did not make a big enough commitment to follow through with our intentions. Finally, we discussed that if we did not complete our goals, we are not necessarily failing, but rather need to find other ways to reach them and try again. Perhaps our plans were too big and we could do smaller bits of them (The children told me I should eat only one piece of candy and not all of it when I said my intention was to cut down on sweets!) The students really reflected on all of this, not only in Morning Meetings, but later in their other classes. Ask them about their intentions and let them know yours. You will have some wonderful conversations!
We have some exciting activities coming up. Tea With Dee will take place on Wednesday morning January 29 at 8:30 am (please note the date change). We hope you find the time to join us. We will discuss the book The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed by Jessica Lahey, which I hope you will find as informative as I have about how to set our children up for success.

The Animal Advocacy Club will be having a snack sale on early dismissal days next week to support local animal shelters and Australia Wildfire Rescue Shelters. Please click here for more information and to see what treats will be for sale! 

Have a great weekend!