Thank you to all parents who were able to attend conferences this week. If you have any further questions or items to discuss about your child, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher or to Alison Greenberg to help arrange a meeting or phone call. 

We have been preparing this week for the possible need to close school for a while because of COVID-19. I am sure you have all heard about closings happening around us. As Tim Viands stated in his email to the community earlier this week, we are in regular contact with local education, community, and health agencies, to ensure that we are following appropriate health guidelines and educational guidelines during this time. We have also been in touch with sending school district Child Study Teams, to ensure that they are kept up to date about our plans in the event of closure. Our custodial staff continues to focus on regular cleaning of surfaces like doorknobs, countertops and desks. Disposable wipes, gloves are available throughout our buildings.

Today, students will be coming home with their own bags filled with a Chromebook and all materials needed at home, should we need to begin teaching online next week. Remember that Monday is an already scheduled day off for us. On Tuesday, the students will need to bring their Chromebooks and other materials back to school. This past Thursday, students and teachers practiced logging in and using Google Hangouts/Meet, and the directions are on the pages that follow for your reference. 

We would like you to help your children set up a work space at home and confirm that all technology is in working order. To that end, we have set up 2 virtual “meetings.” There won’t actually be a meeting going on, but your child will know that they have successfully logged in once they’ve gone through the steps. Please have your child open their Laurel Gmail and look for an invitation from Kelly (see screenshot below) to join a Google Meet called, “ Making Sure my Chromebook and Google Hangout/Meet Work at Home,” between the hours of 9am-4pm on Saturday, March 14, OR on Monday, March 16.
Students should click on the invitation in their Gmail and then follow the steps (which they have practiced) to join the meeting. They don’t need to stay in the meeting, but we will be able to see who has successfully logged in. If they have any problems logging in or connecting, please have your child email their homeroom teacher, who will help troubleshoot with them. 

Thank you for your flexibility and patience as we move through these unprecedented times. Things seem to change quickly, so being nimble and staying in touch is critical to the health and safety of our students and entire community. If a decision is made to close, we will send a message out via Honeywell, Remind, and the website. That message will be followed shortly with the timing and schedules of our remote learning plans.  

Should you have a question for your child’s teacher, please email them and let them know the best time and manner of communication that works for you. They will be checking their emails several times a day and get back to you as soon as they are able. Please understand that we are all doing our best to accommodate both students’ and parents’ needs as best as we can in this stressful time. We listed the emails of all our teachers below for your convenience. Teachers have been given an updated list of phone numbers for our families. 

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to be in touch. Please stay healthy!

Ms. Dee Rosenberg

Dr. Lorraine McKay

Ms. Sharon Anderson ext. 288

Ms. Nancy Hammill ext. 285

Ms. Rebecca Horner ext.287

Ms. Jen Walsh ext. 233

Ms. Sheryl Streger Brown ext.286
Ms. Andrew Piccolo ext. 305

Ms. Alicia Wagner ext.270

Mr. Logan Rogers, ext. 287

Ms. Hope Osborn, ext. 301

Ms. Eleanor Evans, ext. 302

Ms. Kelly Dun, ext. 293
Laurel School Virtual Learning

Expectations for Parents:

You will receive a copy of your student’s schedule in order to keep track of the time for classes. Students will be sent invitations through their Gmail for their online classes. Instructions for this follow below. Students will be bringing home a personalized bag full of their computer and materials needed for all of their classes. Some materials may need to be downloaded from Google Classroom. There will also be projects provided for Art, Music, Physical Education and Health.

Chromebooks will be sent home with each student in order to access Google Meet. Teachers will all practice using Google Meet/Hangouts with their students before we leave for the weekend.

We ask that Chromebooks be turned off by 4PM each day in your homes. We ask that you do not give your child access to their Chromebook during the weekends. Chromebooks are for school related educational purposes only.

Students should use their Chromebooks in a location where they can focus. Please make sure that your student does not have food or drinks around the Chromebook: this will minimize potential spills and damage.
Please ensure that your student gets plenty of rest and goes to bed on time. While students will not be physically present at school, it is important for them to be rested and focused so that they are ready to engage virtually.

At the beginning of each Homeschool Day: Students should check their email for instructions from their teachers about daily lessons, times to log in, and necessary materials for the lesson. Parents may need to provide assistance for students to ensure that they understand instructions and have proper materials available. 

How to Access Google Hangouts/Meet:

  • A few minutes before the start of class, open your Laurel School email.
  • You will receive a meeting invitation from your teacher. The subject line will say, for example:

  • Invitation: Dr. McKay's Test Meeting- Homeroom @ Thu Mar 12, 2020 8:30am - 9:30am (EDT) or 

  • Happening now: Dee Rosenberg is inviting you to a video meeting.
  • Open the email from your teacher.
  • Click the link below “Join Hangouts Meet”. 
  • When you are in Google Meet you need to Click “Join Meeting” again
  • Be sure your microphone and camera are on. Now you have joined the class! 

  • Now your teacher will teach you in a virtual class! You can speak to each other and everyone will see you and a lot of learning will happen! Sometimes they will ask you to download some worksheets from Google Classroom to work on and you will need that for your class time. You may need your textbooks, Wilson Notebooks, math manipulatives or other things. Please have them ready before you start your class!