March 27, 2020

Hi Laurel Families,

Well, we made it through another virtual week, and it appears that the students are learning quite a bit despite the unique circumstances. Yesterday, my computer was a bit glitchy and at times the students could not hear me or see me, but between some Mom’s and Dad’s phones, student “know how” and a lot of patience, we all managed to get the lesson complete. I am so proud of the students and how seriously they are taking their classes. It has been especially nice to talk with all of you virtually in small groups. Hearing your voices and listening to you describe what is happening in your homes has not been only instructive, but also reassuring. It appears that Laurel students and their families are managing, if not thriving, during these challenging days.

Our top priority has been to ensure that our students have consistency, support, and that they continue learning, and I think we have accomplished those goals. There are some new things I have been noticing as I teach though, which are amazing. I’ve seen remarkable collaboration among our students to ensure that they are all getting to classes (texting reminders to their peers), having patience to wait until each student speaks, helping each other (and their teachers) with computer challenges, and showing flexibility, yet independence in completing assignments with teacher guidance. I sense, in many of our students, pride in their level of independence, as they learn how to manage a “working day” at home. They continually find ways to impress me.

I want to remind you all that Rick Smith, our Guidance Counselor, is happy to talk to any of the children who may need another familiar face to offer some support these days. Please feel free to reach out to him at , and he will be happy to connect with your child, should you feel that would be helpful.

I also wanted to send out a very big hug and thanks to our incredible teachers, who jumped in with both feet when we left school to get all the children ready to stay home. They amaze me daily, as I “stop in” to all their classes virtually. They continue to teach with professionalism, expertise, creativity and the most passion of any group of teachers I have ever worked with. I am humbled by their dedication to our students and to Laurel School.

Stay healthy - physically and emotionally! As always, please reach out to your child’s teacher or me if you have any concerns, or if we can help in any way.

Thanks for your continued support,

Tim Viands

Ms. Dee Rosenberg

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