This week, Executive Director Leo Sarkissian sat down with All Things Considered to discuss the Workforce Shortage Crisis; meet our first 2019 Gala honoree; learn more about a new position open at The Arc of Massachusetts; and more!
In the Media
Leo Sarkissian discusses DSP workforce crisis on All Things Considered

On Friday, February 8, NPR's All Things Considered aired an interview with our Executive Director Leo Sarkissian and Anchor Barbara Howard. Leo discussed the growing workforce shortage crisis among Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), and what The Arc of Massachusetts is aiming to do in order to resolve this pressing issue. Listen to the interview now.
2019 Gala: Leading by Example
Meet our Advocacy Champion: Jillian Berube

Jillian Berube has many varied interests. She loves to act, sing, and write lyrics. She took part in a theatre camp during high school summers; she’s been taking vocal lessons for nearly ten years; and she’s written books upon books of song lyrics. In addition to taking part in the Special Olympics, she swims and plays both soccer and baseball. But there is one interest in particular that allows her to be both creative and active: her tireless advocacy for better lives for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Learn more.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing the stories of the four champions we will be honoring at our Leading by Example gala on March 27. Tickets available now.
Programs of The Arc

The Winter 2019 issue of Advocate is now available online!

In this edition of our quarterly newsletter, Advocate , learn more from Leo about our ongoing Workforce Initiative; get to know a little about our 2019 Gala Champions; take a look at what's been going on at some of our chapters; and more! Continue reading.

The Arc of Massachusetts is hiring!

Seeking a coordinator for the Advocacy Alliance. Qualifications include personal experience with legislators, strong interpersonal skills, and competent, active use of social media platforms.Position is immediately available until the end of June with start up again in September of 2019. See more here.
Advocacy Alliance leads Storytelling Workshop for LifeLinks families

On February 12, Advocacy Alliance Coordinator Herb Cabral led a Storytelling Workshop at LifeLinks, Inc. Family members, advocates, and LifeLinks' own Family Support Staff came together to help develop Storytelling and Advocacy Skills. Learn more about this and upcoming trainings.
Training Center
Supported Decision-Making in Health Care Settings
Tuesday, March 12 | 12:00PM
Presenters: Michael Kendrick and Anna Krieger

Using supported decision-making in a health care setting potentially raises its own array of complex ethical, legal and support issues. The options that arise in a health care setting can often be challenging to understand, assess, and resolve. This webinar will cover supported decision-making in health care contexts including potential benefits and challenges of using the model in health care settings, legal issues related to health care proxies and other instruments, concerns raised by medical professionals and how to effectively facilitate and strengthen supported decision-making in health care settings.
Credentials to Careers
Tuesday, March 19 | 12:00PM
Presenters: Jeff Gentry, Rosa Ordaz, and Jan Hollenbeck

According to the U.S. Office on Disability Employment Policy in December 2018 only 20.7% of Americans with disabilities were engaged in the workforce. If we are going to equip 70% of Americans with disabilities to join their nondisabled fellow citizens in the workforce, we need to utilize a wide array of employment strategies for transition age youth and adults. Please join Jeff Gentry and Rosa Ordaz from 70/30 Partners and Dr. Jan Hollenbeck from Medford Public Schools as we explore the array of entry-level employment, credential training and employer driven workforce development strategies that can equip you or your loved one with disabilities to enter the workforce.
Friday, March 8 | 12:30 - 2:30PM
Lexington Community Center, Room 242
39 Marrett Road, Lexington

Participants will discuss the important benefits of friendships between people with and without disabilities. A variety of approaches/strategies will be shared that staff/family members can use that connect people in deep and meaningful ways. A light lunch will be provided. Presented by Jim Ross, Region Coordinator of Widening the Circle. Sponsored by the Dana Home Foundation of Lexington and The Arc of Massachusetts.
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