This week, learn how you can keep advocacy strong at The Arc of Massachusetts; updates on Operation House Call, Arc Tank 3.0, and a job opening at The Arc of Opportunity; forthcoming listening sessions and an employment conference; and more!
Keep Advocacy Strong

When you give to The Arc, you’re helping thousands of people across Massachusetts – perhaps members of your immediate or extended family, your friends, your neighbors – have opportunities that lead to a good life. The Arc’s advocacy is having an impact on the workforce shortage crisis, funding for crucial services and supports, and keeping people with disabilities safe. 

Your gift will make a difference in what we can accomplish together. Give to the Annual Fund today.  
Government Affairs
Listening session on creating a Behavioral Health Ambulatory Treatment System

The Baker Administration is working to improve access to behavioral health services across the spectrum of treatment for mental illness, addictions, and co-occurring illnesses. Ambulatory behavioral health treatment is fragmented and often insufficient to meet the specific treatment needs of patients and their families.

The voices of individuals and families with co-occurring mental health and developmental disabilities must be heard. Learn more about upcoming sessions.
Programs of The Arc
Cultural Competency in Operation House Call

On May 31, Operation House Call at Yale School of Nursing (YSN) held a course focused on cultural competency. Susanna Peyton, Director of the YSN program, set up this class to explore health care practice issues with cultural competency.

The training was provided by Nanfi Lubogo, the Co-Executive Director of PATH Parent 2 Parent and Family Voices of Connecticut. Learn more.
Employment First: Expanding Job Opportunities and Pathways to Work
Tuesday, June 11 | 8:30AM - 4:00PM
Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel & Trade Center, Marlborough

This is a great opportunity to learn about promising practices, strategies and resources that you can use as we all work together to expand employment opportunities for individuals we support. This statewide conference is for DDS staff and providers, as well as educators, individuals and family members, and other state agency partners.
Sponsor Spotlight
PLAN of MA and RI: Special Needs Trustee Service Reduces Stress on Family and Friends

People with disabilities, their families and professionals setting up long-term care and financial plans must consider a long list of concerns, including needed services, costs, funding strategies, the people involved, and how the plans will impact relationships over long periods of time.

A great option for long-term financial support and care that also helps reduce the stress on personal and family relationships is establishing a special needs trust with a nonprofit professional trustee. A nonprofit organization that administers special needs trusts can help people with disabilities remain eligible for needs-based government benefits while preserving personal assets and enhancing quality-of-life.

The nonprofit can serve as trustee for the beneficiary, employing experienced social workers who ensure that disbursements from the trust are timely and that they do not jeopardize the beneficiary’s public benefits. The organization can partner with an investment advisor to professionally manage the funds, record and report on the account activity, and an accounting firm to prepare tax statements. Direct expenses such as disbursements, trust administration, investing and reporting can be included in the annual fee.

The alternative is to establish an individual trust, which requires a paid personal trustee compensated out of trust assets, or a family member or friend to act as trustee and be responsible for making all spending and investment decisions and for complying with trust and public benefits rules. The former can be expensive; the latter is a heavy responsibility and can result in conflict and strain relationships.

We look forward to sharing more information with you about how this could work for you and those you care for.

PLAN of MA and RI helps individuals with disabilities, and the families and professionals who care for them, remain eligible for needs-based government benefits while preserving personal assets by providing special needs trusts. For more information and to speak with a member of staff, call 617.244.5552 or visit us online at www.planofma-ri.org .
Chapter Corner
Arc Tank 3.0 Now Accepting Submissions

Applications for The Arc Tank 3.0 are now open to individuals, groups, companies and non-profits. Submissions can address a variety of areas, including proposals to bolster the safety and well-being, employment, technology, housing, transportation or socialization for individuals with disabilities.

Applications must be received by October 4 and finalists will present their ideas during an event at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum on November 19. The Changing Lives Fund will award up to $300,000 to the winning proposals.
The Arc of Opportunity seeks new Chief Operating Officer

The COO will lead management and program functions of the organization with a specific focus on holistic admissions, programs, quality assurance, and clinical services including organizational assessment and evaluation. The COO is a leader who implements the operational procedures, administrative controls, and reporting and cultivates the talent necessary to effectively and efficiently manage the organization. Learn more.
Agency Spotlight