This week, Leo reflects on the life of Andrew Lawson and how he represents new forms of inclusion; The Arc's 2017-2018 Annual Report is now online; a reminder for next week's exciting webinars; and more!
Leo's Letter
Building A Better Future

This Saturday, Andrew Lawson will enter the Norwell High School Hall of Fame. I wrote earlier this year about Andrew’s passing and how he had brought so many people together during his life. Andrew’s life was full of achievements; the local news article announcing his induction shows Andrew embracing soccer coach Jack Browne.

“Andrew Lawson ’08 - Student Athlete, Coach, Friend of Clipper Athletics” is how the Hall of Fame notation will read. I’m looking forward to the ceremony and reception this Saturday.

The Arc of Massachusetts recently published our 2017-18 annual report . As we were looking back on the year, it was very clear that The Arc was able to accomplish what we did for one simple reason: generous support from people like you .

As a donor, advocate, volunteer, supporter, you made it possible. The successes of the past twelve months are the direct result of the work we did together. And it is what will help overcome the many challenges that lie ahead.

Hopefully, you will find the progress we have made together inspiring and will decide to increase or renew your commitment to making change possible.
Join us for a Community Forum: Medical Issues Related to Aging with Disabilities
October 26, 2018 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Lexington Community Center
39 Marrett Road, Lexington

Panelists will provide information about the medical conditions and issues that are prevalent in people with autism, Down syndrome, and other disabilities as they age.  Seating is limited. Preference will be given to Lexington residents.

  • Ann Neumeyer, MD, a Neurologist and the Medical Director at the Lurie Center for Autism.
  • Julie Anne Moran, DO, a geriatrician and Consultant Physician for the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services.
  • Stephanie Santoro, MD, the Director of Quality Improvement Research for the Down Syndrome Program and a clinician for pediatric and adult patients with Down syndrome and patients in Medical Genetics at MGHfC and MGH.

Special thanks to the Dana Home Foundation for funding this event.
Training Center
Raising the Bar: Seeing Employment as Part of Our Children’s Future
Presenter: Sean Roy
10/10/18, 12:00pm, Free

This session is designed to help parents see that with high expectations, the right supports, and thoughtful preparation, employment is possible. Success stories will be shared and strategies offered to help youth prepare for employment through chores at home and work experience in the community. Families play a vital role in the transition success of youth with disabilities and this session will help families raise the bar and envision a employment success for their son or daughter.

Partnering with Families: Working Towards Employment Success
Presenter: Sean Roy
10/11/18, 2:30pm, Free

This session will highlight the importance of family involvement in the employment success of youth, while providing strategies for professionals to better engage families in the process. Topics will include understanding the family perspective, addressing apprehension in exploring community-based employment, and strategies for helping families play a key role in career readiness and the job search.

Are you an older caregiver? Join us for a Community Conversation!

As part of the Becker Center, The Arc of Massachusetts is planning community forums across Massachusetts this fall. The purpose is to examine the needs of older caregivers.
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