October 6th, 2015

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          By Brian Orlotti

On Oct 1st, Moon Express, a California-based firm competing for the $30Mln USD ($39.3Mln CDN) Google Lunar X-Prize, announced that it has signed a contract with startup Rocket Lab Inc. for five launches on its innovative new Electron rocket, with the first launch scheduled for 2017.

The deal is a milestone for the NewSpace industry, bringing together the pieces needed for its first venture beyond Earth orbit...

           By Chuck Black

Talk to anyone in the NDP about how federal government policies affect the aerospace and space industries and you'll eventually be referred to Peggy Nash.

The official opposition shadow cabinet industry critic and incumbent NDP candidate for Parkdale-High Park talked to this blog about the 2012 Emerson Aerospace review, the current election campaign, and how a lack of "leadership" under previous liberal and conservative governments has crippled our domestic space sector...

          By Henry Stewart

Author and space historian Robert Godwin has released a paper claiming primacy for Ontario in the historical space race.

His research credits the fifth principal of Queens University in Ontario, Presbyterian minister William Leitch (1814-1864), with being the first trained scientist to have applied scientific principles to accurately describe the rocket as the best device for travelling in space.

As outlined in Godwin's paper, "The First Scientific Concept of Rockets for Space Travel," which is available online for subscribers of the Space Library, Leitch first published his description of the principles of rocketry in an Edinburgh journal in 1861...