More Than Just A Telehealth Solution
Keystone Technologies brings you
even more solutions from Noteworth Technology
Noteworth Technology solutions delivers superior outcomes by assimilating the best services with a cohesive, accountable, and convenient platform.

Noteworth modernizes care delivery capabilities and captures long-term value for Health Systems and Physician Groups by easily and effectively collecting, managing and actioning patient data.

This process produces:

  • Comprehensive clinical outcomes
  • Reduces cost of care
  • Improves patient adherence to Care Plans (90% of average patient adherence).

Noteworth allows healthcare professionals to deploy applications and therapeutics to their patients providing ease of use, effective financial ROI where applicable and increased patient satisfaction scores. They allow their core focus to be their relationship with their patients and enabling their staff to operate at the top of their licenses.

Noteworth Technology has a wide variety of solutions offered including, but not limited to:
  • Condition Management (leveraging a patient-centric experience and actionable data)

  • Remote Patient Monitoring (with or without connected devices)

  • Home Health (enables caregivers active participation)

  • Behavioral Health (Mental health and behavioral component of care)

  • Telehealth (Mirroring in-office flows)

  • Patient Engagement (task-driven mobile app)
We have included a slide deck that outlines the Noteworth solution (see button below) and are happy to introduce you to current clients. Noteworth goes above and beyond the Telehealth service and offers specific solutions for your organization.
The only product on the market to act as a full solution and delivers on the promise of digital health.

Empowers healthcare professionals to rapidly deploy customizable solutions directly into the care environment; and into the patients’ hands. Together we proactively meet their needs throughout their care journey .
The added benefit to the Noteworth solution is that it also has remote monitoring, patient engagement, medication adherence and scores of other uses beyond the current crisis. We are ready to connect to explain more on a call.
Noteworth enables staff to prioritize and act on the patient based on data from multiple channels and across the continuum of care in near real time:
  • Patient Alerting
  • Workflow Management
  • Cohort Analytics
  • Resource Management
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