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April 2017 News & Updates
...Except Death and Taxes
Benjamin Franklin reportedly said that there were only two things in life that were certain: death and taxes.

Most of us do a lot of preparation for our taxes. We collect receipts, we see the CPA, we plan for tax breaks. But few plan even half of much for death, despite the fact that it is inevitable.

National Health Care Decisions Day (NHDD) is an attempt to bring attention to this fact. NHDD mission is to educate people, including health care providers, about the importance of advance care planning.

This year NHDD is being recognized during the week of April 16-22. There are a variety of activities going on to recognize NHDD, but even if you don't participate in a formal event, plan to complete your advance directives that week. If you already have advance directives, it's a good time to review them and make revisions, if necessary. 
Being Mortal
If you haven't seen the PBS/Frontline documentary Being Mortal yet, plan to attend the next showing:

  • First Presbyterian Church
  • 1200 S. Collins Street
    Arlington, TX 76010
  • 817-274-8286 for reservations

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