August 5, 2022


The Grand Lodge office is aware of some scam or "phishing" emails being sent to members that are made to look as if they are coming from the Worshipful Master. These are NOT coming from your Worshipful Master! The common language seems to be along the lines of "I've got a request for you to manage discreetly....please no calls." Then they will ask the recipient to send them money or gift cards.
We have spoken with our representatives at Groupable and they do not believe there is any sort of breach in their security. Many other states are having the same issue that are not Groupable clients. There are any number of ways that people like this can buy/obtain email lists.

As a precaution, we and Groupable are suggesting that any lodge that has phone/email information enabled on their "Current Officers" page on their Our Lodge Page disable that information. Lodge webmasters, Worshipful Masters, Wardens, and Secretaries all have access to do this. Please see below for a how-to. CLICK HERE to view these instructions as a pdf.

Always use caution with any email/text/call that is asking for you to send anything, whether it's money, gift cards, or personal information. The only thing that could come from the fraternity would be an appeal from the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation. These will be very clearly from the Foundation. If you receive something and would like to verify, please contact MMCF Director Kelly Thompson at 989-466-3803 or

For more on how to recognize and avoid phishing scams, please CLICK HERE for an article from the Federal Trade Commission.


Darren Thompson
Grand Lodge Office