MF Notice 18-22
2018 AHFA National HTF Summer Application Sub-Cycle
AHFA will accept applications for the National Housing Trust Fund Program (HTF) on Wednesday, July 25th, 2018.  

As HTF is a new funding program available through AHFA, the following points answer several FAQs regarding the program:
  • HTF is a stand-alone program in the respect that it is not tied to other AHFA administered programs (i.e. HOME and Housing Credit programs).
  • HTF is not a sole-source of funding for projects. It is recommended that you seek additional subsidies to ensure the sustainability of the project over the duration of the 30-year compliance period (i.e., AHP funds, Home Depot Foundation Grants, philanthropic contributions, professional contributions, land, goods, services, rental vouchers, etc.). 
  • HTF projects are subject to a 30-year compliance period.
  • HTF is a grant program; the funds do not require repayment so long as the project remains in compliance with the program for the full duration of the compliance period.
  • HTF should cover the cost of construction. Maintaining reserve accounts should cover the cost of necessary updates during the compliance period.
  • HTF applications must adhere to the Environmental Standards detailed in Addendum B to the Plan.
  • HTF applications should (at a minimum) meet the AHFA Design Quality Standards, however, you may request a variance from those standards by submitting a Deviation Request Form. Deviation Requests should be submitted to AHFA prior to or with the application. A $500 fee will be charged for each deviation from the DQS after the reservation for funding. 
  • HTF applications require both the HTF Application Forms Package and the DMS Online Application. Completion of the Form Package first will assist you in completion of the DMS Online Application. Make sure to read the 2018 HTF Application Instructions before completing the HTF Application Forms Package.
The application process for the Summer Sub-Cycle is modified from the process described in the 2018 Application Package as follows:
  1. Applicants should not engage Environmental Professionals to assess project sites. AHFA staff is reviewing the process for completion of the Environmental Site Assessments on project properties. Changes regarding this process are pending and will be published as soon as possible.
  2. The cure period for missing or incomplete application items will be communicated directly to applicants. Requested items will be expected in a reasonable amount of time. All requested items must be provided to AHFA staff in total by the established deadline or the application will be terminated.
  3. The 2018 HTF Application Forms Package (xl forms) and the AHFA DMS Authority Online Application are due to AHFA on July 25, 2018. If you are resubmitting a previously submitted 2018 Cycle application, please provide all missing items from the prior application and the AHFA DMS Authority Online Application.
Questions about the application forms or process should be sent to

Questions about the DMS Online Application should be sent to

You can find all available information regarding the 2018 AHFA National HTF Application process at

Information about the National HTF and other HUD Programs can be found on the HUD Exchange.