Notice of Obsolescence
Thermo Ramsey AC8000 Checkweigher

Cal-Pak would like to let you know that the Thermo Ramsey AC8000 Checkweigher has been discontinued. Cal-Pak will no longer be able to repair the controllers on these units as the electronic components and boards are no longer available.

We are able to offer controller upgrades to the current Versaweigh platform. Should you be interested in upgrading your AC8000 controller to the Versaweigh platform, Cal-Pak will be offering a 5% trade-up discount to replace the entire checkweigher with a Versaweigh or Flex checkweigher system.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Thank You,

The Cal-Pak Team
Thermo Versaweigh Checkweigher
The Thermo Versaweigh is the next generation of Thermo Ramsey's line of checkweighers. It is designed to standup to the most demanding application and deliver performance, speed, and data.

  • Sanitary Frame with no flat surfaces
  • Quick release conveyors and belts for easy cleaning or replacement in minutes
  • Increased speed and accuracy
  • Intuitive 10.4" Touch Screen
  • 100 product setup storage
  • Full Washdown option
Thermo Versa Flex Checkweigher
Our Entry Level Checkweigher

The Thermo Versa Flex has many of the same features as the Versaweigh at a lower cost of ownership. It has the same quality of craftsmanship and accuracy but has a lower speed limit and standard frame with flat surfaces. For many applications it is more than enough machine.

  • Speeds to 250 packages per minute
  • Quick release conveyors and belts for easy cleaning or replacement in minutes
  • IP54 Rated with Stainless Steel frame
  • Intuitive 7" Touch Screen
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f: 978-946-9449
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