March 13, 2020
Dear Members,

You are receiving your official notice for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) today. The AGM will be held April 5, 2020 at 10:50 a.m. by electronic means this year , based on the advice of the Chief Medical Officer of Health for the province of Ontario as part of the measures to help manage the COVID-19 pandemic.
The notice package, which is available on OAO’s website , contains the following:

·       Notice of the Annual General Meeting with the business agenda
·       Minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting
·       Agenda and Resolutions for consideration at the Annual General Meeting
·       Audited Financial Statements for the year ended October 31, 2019
·       Report of Director attendance and remuneration
·       Proxy form
·       FAQs on proxy voting
·       Candidate platforms
Given these unique extenuating circumstances members may attend the AGM electronically or by proxy. There will be no in-person participation for health reasons.
Votes may be cast by proxy or by joining the meeting electronically, through a dedicated site for casting votes.
To participate electronically please click here to register. The deadline to register is Wednesday April 1, 2020 at noon.

 To vote by proxy a member must complete a valid proxy form, which must be received by Wednesday April 1, 2020 by noon, in advance of the meeting, in accordance with proxy voting requirements.
In accordance with OAO By-Laws and OAO Policy 1-C, Election of the Board of Directors, as there are a number of nominees (5) equal to the number of positions available for election (5), the nominees have therefore been declared acclaimed. We also have unanimous consent of the nominees to serve as Directors for the following terms:
For a 3-year term:
Dr. Byron Advent
Dr. Radhika Chawla
Dr. Agata Majewski
Dr. Nish Rajani
For a 1-year term:
Dr. Gary Nelles
Town Hall
Following the AGM, we are planning to give members the opportunity to hear the OAO President’s remarks and to engage in a Town Hall. All of this will be done on a virtual basis , through electronic means. More information will follow as soon as it becomes available.
Continuing Education and InfoMart
Based on the advice from Health authorities, the Continuing Education and Infomart components for the 2020 Symposium will be postponed . We are planning to re-schedule these at a later date, once the COVID-19 situation abates. Further information will be communicated as soon as it becomes available.
Registration fees already paid to OAO will be honored for the rescheduled dates. Any scheduling conflicts will be addressed individually on a case by case basis.
With respect to hotel reservations, it is recommended that you contact whomever you booked your accommodations with, and request a release or cancellation on your reservation. If you booked directly with the Sheraton you can contact them here , or at: 855-205-6537 .
OAO greatly appreciates your support and patience as we take steps to manage this unprecedented health situation, while continuing to conduct the business of the 2020 AGM, provide Continuing Education and access to our InfoMart partners.
If you have any questions about the AGM, Symposium or InfoMart please contact me directly at or our CEO, Justin A. Brown at
Best regards,
Joshua C. Smith, OD
President, OAO