Notice of January 26

Delta Stewardship Council Meeting

On January 26 at 9:00 AM, the Council will receive updates from the Delta Protection Commission and the Delta Conservancy on their agencies’ activities; Council staff on Delta Plan performance measures; Delta Science Program staff on scientific synthesis efforts; and California Department of Water Resources representatives on conveyance and habitat restoration. Additionally, Councilmembers will be presented with the 2022 Annual Report, which highlights work in pursuit of equitable, enduring, and science-based solutions to further the coequal goals for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.


The Coequal Goals

California relies on the Delta as a hub for water, biodiversity, agriculture, infrastructure, transportation, recreation, and more. In 2009, the Delta Reform Act created the Council to advance California’s coequal goals for the Delta – a more reliable statewide water supply and a resilient Delta ecosystem – in a manner that protects and enhances the unique characteristics of the Delta as an evolving place where people live, work, and recreate. Learn how the Council carries out its mission through this information sheet.

Council meeting

The Council's monthly meetings are the definitive place for the public to learn about and comment on the implementation of the Delta Plan. This month's meeting proceedings will be conducted in person and remotely. See the meeting notice to learn more.

The Delta Plan.

The Delta Plan creates a common vision for taking-on current and predicted challenges. It includes regulations, non-regulatory recommendations, and performance measures to further water supply reliability, ecosystem resiliency, and the unique values of the Delta as a place.

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