Council members at the April Council meeting

Notice of June 23, 9:00 AM

Delta Stewardship Council Meeting


The Council meeting will include a major milestone on the revised Chapter 4 of the Delta Plan (Ecosystem Amendment), which encompasses a new, science-based approach to achieving the dynamic and resilient restored landscape envisioned in the Delta Reform Act of 2009.

The Council will consider adopting the proposed Ecosystem Amendment and authorizing staff to initiate rulemaking for new and revised Delta Plan policies and mitigation measures proposed in the Ecosystem Amendment and the Final Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR). Certification for the Final PEIR will also be considered at the meeting.

In addition, the Council will receive an update on the Delta Conveyance Project and hear from the Delta Independent Science Board on the release of its Review of Water Supply Reliability Estimation Related to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The Council will also consider electing a new chair.

Aerial view of a partially flooded field in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

When the State pivoted away from the Bay-Delta Conservation Plan in 2015, it became critical that the Council undertake the proposed Ecosystem Amendment to fill a gap in regional restoration efforts; consider changed conditions in land use, climate, and regulations; and incorporate the latest restoration science and practices.

Cover of the Delta Plan Ecosystem Amendment PEIR

The Final PEIR was prepared to respond to comments on the Draft PEIR and to describe revisions made to the Draft PEIR and Proposed Ecosystem Amendment. The Final PEIR is based on extensive stakeholder outreach and is grounded in best available science.

The Council was charged with developing and implementing a comprehensive, long-term, legally enforceable plan – the Delta Plan – to guide how federal, State, and local agencies manage the Delta’s natural resources. As the region evolves, so must our collective understanding and management of it. To reflect the best available science and broad stakeholder input, the Council has amended the Delta Plan five times.

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