Notice of May 25

Delta Stewardship Council Meeting

The Delta Stewardship Council’s May 25 meeting will be held entirely virtually, beginning at 9:00 AM. Please note that in-person attendance will not be offered. Those who wish to provide public comments should attend the meeting via Zoom. Those who wish to observe the meeting proceedings should watch the live stream via Cal-Span.

At the meeting, the Council will consider approving a contract with California Sea Grant to facilitate our 2023-2024 proposal solicitation for high-priority scientific research in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The Council will also consider reappointing Delta Lead Scientist Dr. Laurel Larsen, as recommended by the Delta Independent Science Board. Additionally, California Department of Water Resource staff will present an update on the West False River Drought Salinity Barrier Project.

Council meeting

The Council’s monthly meetings are the definitive place for the public to learn about and comment on the implementation of the Delta Plan. This month's meeting proceedings will be conducted entirely remotely. See the meeting notice to learn how members of the public may join the meeting virtually or observe it via Cal-Span. 

The Delta Plan.

The Delta Plan creates a common vision for taking-on current and predicted challenges. It includes regulations, non-regulatory recommendations, and performance measures to further water supply reliability, ecosystem resiliency, and the unique values of the Delta as a place.

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