A winding waterway in the Delta.

Notice of November 17

Delta Stewardship Council Meeting

On November 17 at 9:00 AM, the Council will conduct a public hearing to receive comments on proposed amendments to implement the Delta Levees Investment Strategy (DLIS) and may direct staff regarding the next steps for the proposed rulemaking.

Additionally, the Council will hear from staff on the Delta Science Program’s Ecosystem Restoration Progress Review, which summarizes progress toward the restoration targets set by Chapter 4 of the Delta Plan, discusses the policy motivations for restoration projects, and reviews the best available management-relevant science. 


The DLIS combines risk analysis, economics, engineering, and decision-making techniques to identify funding priorities and assemble a comprehensive investment strategy for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta levees. It was developed in collaboration with State agencies, local reclamation districts, Delta landowners and businesses, and other stakeholders and is based on the best available data and lessons learned from other State and local programs and planning efforts.

Yolo bypass levee construction.

The Council’s monthly meetings are the definitive place for the public to learn about and comment on the implementation of the Delta Plan. This month's meeting proceedings will be conducted in person and remotely. See the meeting notice to learn how members of the public may join the meeting in person, remotely, or observe via Cal-Span. 

The cover page of the Delta Plan

The Delta Plan creates a common vision for taking on current and predicted challenges and includes regulations, non-regulatory recommendations, and performance measures to further water supply reliability, ecosystem resiliency, and the unique values of the Delta as a place.

Council members at the April Council meeting

The Council is comprised of seven members, advised by an independent 10-member science board, and supported by a dedicated staff. Of the seven, four are appointed by the Governor, one each by the Senate and Assembly, and the seventh is the chair of the Delta Protection Commission.

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