Notice of Pre-Design on Project Impacting Your Property
Project Number: WE-O14-OH-N1
Notice Delivery Date: September 29, 2020

Location: Henry Street, from 1083 to 1181 Henry St., Molesworth Street, from Henry St. to Queen’s Bush Rd.,Nafziger Road, from 3715 to 3800 Nafziger Rd. in the village of Wellesley
Dear Valued Customer,

Later this year, Waterloo North Hydro Inc. (WNH) plans to replace its pole-mounted equipment on its poles along Nafziger Road, Queen’s Bush Rd. to Gerber Rd. in the village of Wellesley. This project is necessary to improve the reliability and efficiency of the electrical supply to you, your neighbours, and your community.
The existing poles and equipment were installed in 1978 and 1984, and due to the system conditions at that time, were connected to circuits operating at legacy operating voltages. WNH is now working on converting its system in this area to standard, more efficient operating voltages. The planned work will involve the replacement of legacy transformers, insulators, and switches with new equipment. There will be no change in the number of wires attached to the poles.
During the design process, one or more poles may be identified as needing to be replaced due to its condition or ability to carry the new equipment. Any new pole will be installed right next to the old pole. It is also possible that we may have to add additional support wires to strengthen our system to comply with today’s standards. If new poles or support wires will be required, their location will be marked with wooden stake or paint ahead of time. Upon completion of the work, old poles will be removed and all work areas will be restored to their original condition.
The detailed design will begin shortly. Construction is scheduled for November. You will receive another notice closer to the actual start of work.

If it becomes necessary to interrupt power to your property, our Control Room will contact you in advance and advise you of the approximate time and duration of the outage. We will make every effort to minimize any inconvenience caused to you by this construction.
Waterloo North Hydro takes pride in protecting the environment and works to limit the impact its projects have on the environment. No trees will be removed as part of this project. In the event tree trimming is required for safety and reliability purposes, Waterloo North Hydro will contact you to explain the trimming that is required and will and advise you of any tree trimming required to maintain proper clearances from the energized wires. 

We thank you in advance for your co-operation. To request further information or to bring any comments or concerns to our attention, please contact Eddie Richter, Waterloo North Hydro Engineering at 519-888-5154 or by email at

Thank you,

Waterloo North Hydro
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